Woman finds staple in popular sausages bought in Singapore

PHOTO: Dayre/abcdefgina

The next time you bite anything, you may want to chew slowly. 

A Singaporean woman had a nasty surprise when she found a staple in her chicken franks. 

Based in Sarawak, Gina Yin was craving for sausages from the Valley Chef brand as it was her childhood favourite. 

Her mother specially flew them over from Singapore as the 30-year-old could not find the brand in supermarkets in Sarawak. 

But she felt something hard after chewing into the sausage and spat it out.

Photo: Dayre/abcdefginayin

To her horror, she found a staple inside the sausage.

Alarmed by the find, she emailed both FairPrice supermarket and DCH Foods Singapore, the company that imports Valley Chef to Singapore, about the incident. 

She also blogged that if a child were to consume this, it would've ended terribly. Thankfully, she was able to spot it first and found that this was the only sausage with a foreign object in it.  

Speaking to AsiaOne, Yin shared that her mom had originally purchased the chicken franks from a FairPrice branch in Jurong East.

The US company that owned Valley Chef filed for bankruptcy in November, although DCH subsequently took over the operations.

According to Yin, FairPrice has since reached out and offered a refund, as well as asked for the staple to be returned to them.

They have also conducted random checks on the same batch of products, she said, and have not found any anomaly.

We have contacted FairPrice for comment.

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