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Woman says Ang Mo Kio hawker stall turned her away. Here's what others in the queue saw

Woman says Ang Mo Kio hawker stall turned her away. Here's what others in the queue saw
PHOTO: Google Maps/Kelita Yeo

After being told that both food options she wanted were not available, one woman felt like she had salt rubbed on her wound when a hawker allegedly skipped her turn and told her to go elsewhere instead.

One woman posted on Facebook recently that she tried to order vegetarian curry bee hoon from 33 Vegetarian Food stall at block 409 Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre. 

When told by one of the female hawkers that they have no bee hoon, this woman requested for rice instead. 

However, the stall was out of rice as well, said the woman.

The woman claimed that instead of offering her other options, the hawker assisting her allegedly said "I don't want to sell to you" and called for the next customer in the queue. 

Furious, her husband took to Facebook to call out the hawker stall in a since-deleted post.

But as they say, there are always two sides to a story. 

In the comments of the Facebook post, a woman by the name Tricia Tan, who said that she was in that same queue as that irate woman, stepped forward to share what happened. 

Tan said that the hawker had told the woman they had run out of both bee hoon and white rice, with only chicken fragrant rice left. 

The hawker, Tan added, also told the woman that it is all right if she did not want to place an order. She explained that the hawker did not tell the woman that "I don't want to sell to you". 

Other netizens who said that they've patronised the stall also chimed in to say that the hawker is nice and they've had no issues with her before. 

This isn't the only time a misunderstanding has arisen between a hawker and a customer. 

In August, a diner thought a hawker was trying to reserve the table in front of his stall with items like oil cans, cardboard boxes and baskets at another Ang Mo Kio hawker centre.

She had asked him to move the items away so her family could occupy the seat and claimed the hawker refused to do so. 

However, when AsiaOne spoke to the hawker, he said that he had only intended to put his things on the seat temporarily as he was closing the stall for the day. 

He added that usually, they'll place their items on a foldable table just outside the stall.

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