Woman screams at random jogger at night, shares why 'British people shouldn't live in Singapore'

Woman screams at random jogger at night, shares why 'British people shouldn't live in Singapore'
PHOTO: TikTok/Ilibabyyyy

Singaporeans be taking our safety for granted sometimes.

Just ask TikTok user @Ilibabyyyy.

The 22-year-old woman from the UK shared on her social media platform on Tuesday (Oct 25) about why "British people shouldn't live in Singapore", and how she ended up screaming her lungs out at a jogger while walking home that night.

Ilibabyyyy recounted that it was 11pm when she suddenly saw a man's shadow come up from behind her. She didn't indicate in the video where this encounter in Singapore took place. 

Her first instinct, she shared, was to scream at the "mugger".

Breaking into a giggling fit, a visibly embarrassed Ilibabyyyy described: "I'm definitely from the UK, the way I just screamed at this man 'cause I thought he was going to mug me."

"I screamed, like, so loud in his ear," she expressed, adding "[and I] held my bag so tight".

To the man's credit, Ilibabyyyy noted that "he didn't even bat an eyelid".

Realising her mistake afterwards, Ilibabyyyy told the camera that she "kept shouting, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!"

In replies to comments, she revealed that the man was just a jogger — and if we might add, one who would think twice now before heading out late to exercise.

Ilibabyyyy explained in the video that she's "so used to the thought of, 'Oh it's 11 o' clock at night, if I see a shadow someone's mugging me'.

"I'm just so used to [being in] 'fight' mode."

Adding amid laughter that she didn't just fight, she noted: "I flew, I screamed."

@ilibabyyyy 92% british bred. singaporeans u should still visit the uk, maybe not ldn or midlands. #fyp #sgtiktok #uktiktok #singapore #britinsingapore #travelabroad #movingabroad #liveabroad #solotravel #asian #newlife ♬ original sound - ili

Commenters' concern, on the other hand, was definitely for the jogger's welfare.

Many shared how mugging isn't commonplace in Singapore and heading out late is kinda usual.

Those who found hilarity in the situation stated that man might have been more traumatised by Ilibabyyyy than the other way around.

"He probably thought he was getting mugged!" one user wrote.

Others quipped:

"[Thankfully] Lunar 7th month over, else he will run."

"Now he don't dare to go out after 11 [sic]."

Wrote a commenter: "I'm waiting for the guy's TikTok where he still don't understand why he was screamed at [sic]."

In replies which elaborated on her reaction, Ilibabyyyy explained that back in the UK, "you lock your doors and board the windows at 11pm, especially if you're living in south London".

Some in the comments section shared how they, too, have had similar experiences, be it in Singapore or elsewhere.

While several noted that one can't ever be too careful.

Yet a handful of commenters, however, advised Ilibabyyyy that muggers are not what she should be wary of when out late at night.

Because it seems ghosts and flying cockroaches are infinitely more probable, and fearsome.

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