Woman who blocked moving car at immigration checkpoint wanted by Malaysia police

Woman who blocked moving car at immigration checkpoint wanted by Malaysia police
The woman is wanted by the Malaysian police for committing mischief. PHOTOS: SCREENGRABS FROM OUR SINGAPORE/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Enraged after a car scraped hers, a woman ripped the number plate off the car, threw it onto the windscreen and pushed against the vehicle to stop it from moving.

She is now wanted by the Malaysian police for committing mischief on Saturday (July 9) near the Sultan Abu Bakar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex in Johor Bahru.

Iskandar Puteri Johor District police chief Rahmat Ariffin said on Saturday that the Malaysian police are still identifying the suspect, who was in a red Kia with a Singapore licence plate.

He said in a statement: "During the incident, the victim who was riding a Toyota Alphard car changed lanes to the right and scraped a Kia car.

"The suspect then stopped the car and a Chinese man and woman alighted. The man shouted profanities and made offensive gestures (at) the victim, while the woman dismantled the licence plate of the victim's car and threw it onto the victim's windscreen."

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rahmat said the victim was on his way back to Singapore from Forest City in Johor. It is not clear what licence plate his car has.

"The victim was not injured and only had slight damage to his car. Footage from the victim's dashcam was recorded," he added.


A video posted by Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, which has been shared more than 500 times, shows the woman in a blue dress filming the victim before walking in front of the black Toyota Alphard.

She then jerks her head as if to taunt the people in the car and appears to have shouted something while gesturing with her hands.

As the car tries to move forward, she pushes against it with her whole body to stop it from moving. When several vehicles honk at her for holding up traffic, she gestures at them to cut into the lane.

A man wearing a blue Yishun Innova Junior College shirt then gets out of the red Kia and makes an offensive gesture towards the driver of the Toyota Alphard.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.

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