Workers filmed swarming dormitory gate were stopped and warned: MOM

PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Eye

Amid fears of a "second wave" of coronavirus infections, videos and photos capturing scenes of people failing to adhere to social distancing measures in Singapore have been met with fury by netizens.

One particular video circulating on social media since June 4 showed a swarm of migrant workers living in a dormitory crowding around a fence and then rushing out the gate the moment it was opened.

The clip quickly went viral, garnering over 3,400 shares online, with many netizens voicing their concern over the lack of safe distancing.

实拍今天(6月4日)新加坡克兰芝客工宿舍,场面一度失控。关闭一个月的宿舍超市今天开启,客工们里挤在门口,门被打开后客工鱼贯而出,涌向超市。宿舍管理人员根本控制不住。一定要注意安全社交距离啊老铁们,新加坡的复苏全靠你们啊。 #covid19 #sgunited #socialdistance #客工宿舍

Posted by 新加坡眼 Singapore Eye on Thursday, June 4, 2020

It also caught the attention of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), who looked into the matter and said

" target="_blank"> action will be taken against the identified workers in a Facebook post on June 6.

The ministry also clarified that the scene captured in the video was considered an anomaly.

"The incident took place after the mini-mart reopened following a two weeks closure," MOM explained.

The dormitory, which has an established queue system, would normally see workers lined up in an orderly manner, standing at an appropriate distance from each other as they waited to purchase essentials from the mini-mart.

Though it was not shown in the video, dormitory staff and security officers quickly stopped the workers and ushered them to the back of a queue.

They were also warned against repeating such acts again.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is aware of a video circulating online, which shows workers rushing through an opened...

Posted by Singapore Ministry of Manpower on Saturday, June 6, 2020

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