Xiaxue raises concerns about 'destitute state' of her Hougang HDB block, town council responds

PHOTO: Instagram/xiaxue

It hasn't been that long since that entire episode involving her criticism of the Workers' Party's (WP) Raeesah Khan, several police reports, and an attempt to #CancelCancelCulture.

But social media influencer Xiaxue is back with more to say about WP — this time regarding the "unsightly and unsanitary" state of her housing block.

In case you didn't know, the self-confessed vocal People's Action Party supporter is actually a constituent of the WP-run Aljunied GRC.

But her latest gripes have "nothing to do" with her personal political views, she claimed as she laid out her complaints in a series of Instagram Stories on Oct 5 and 6.

Describing her housing area as being in a "destitute state", Xiaxue, whose real name is Wendy Cheng, wrote, "As a resident here, I pay town council fees and I expect my HDB [block] to be well-maintained and at the very least not dangerous!"

She has been staying in an executive HDB flat in Hougang for the past seven years, but only noticed the maintenance issues last year when things got "worse and worse", she said.

Responding to Xiaxue's call out, Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) told AsiaOne that it was aware of the estate issues in the area and would address them in a major Repair and Redecoration (R&R) project.

Works had been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions for "most of this year" but are "gradually resuming", it added.

Wires and cracks spotted around block

Sharing several clips and photographs from around her block, Xiaxue complained of rats, exposed wires held together by cable ties, cracked concrete flooring, cracked walls and holes in ceilings.

PHOTOS: Instagram/xiaxue

The flooring outside her unit has been cracked for "at least six months" and the cleaner "does not ever sweep it", she said.

PHOTOS: Instagram/xiaxue

She also noted that many of the cracks around her cream-coloured block were repaired with "unsightly" and "mismatched" white paint.

Explaining that she had not wanted to take the matter online, Xiaxue wrote that her mother had written to AHTC "many many times" and even emailed MP Sylvia Lim "time and again".

However, they did not receive a response and the issues have yet to be fixed, she claimed.

"So this is my last resort. Please do something, it is not only unsightly and unsanitary, it's dangerous."

Interim measures deployed after social media posts

Xiaxue's plea did not fall on deaf ears.

A day after her first Instagram Stories on the matter went live, Xiaxue reported back with more footage and images of some of the estate issues she'd raised being fixed, declaring, "It's a miracle."

She also quipped, "I guess they can be efficient if they wanted to."

PHOTOS: Instagram/xiaxue

Confirming that they were alerted on Tuesday morning to Xiaxue's social media postings, the town council explained that they had assessed that some of the issues she raised required interim measures.

As contractors were already on-site for R&R works, they were deployed to start surface repair works at the block.

R&R works to address major issues in estate

While the town council does carry out ad-hoc repairs, some estate maintenance issues are addressed during major projects, AHTC explained.

The R&R project involving a number of blocks around Xiaxue's estate had commenced last year, but was suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions this year.

The works, which will address "most of the other major issues in the estate" and include repainting, facade repair and void deck improvement, are "gradually resuming".

Contractors are starting work at more blocks to "catch up", the town council assured.

"The town council recognises that there is always room for improvement, and welcomes feedback from residents."