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Young woman asks parents 'what time already' when they return home late

Young woman asks parents 'what time already' when they return home late
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Geraldinosaurawr

Sticking to a curfew is an important lesson many parents want to teach their children.

However, a couple recently experienced a role reversal when they returned home 45 minutes after their 'curfew' and realised their daughter was not going to let them off the hook easily.

She uploaded a video on their conversation on her TikTok account Geraldinosaurawr last Saturday (Feb 5). The 41-second clip has garnered 138,000 views.

"Okay guys, so my parents told me they will be back at 11 and it's almost 11.45," she said.


She decided to stay up in order to ask why they got home late, just like how they would question her when she broke her curfew.

"What time already? You say 11pm, what time already?"

In response, her dad mentioned only now did his daughter understand how they felt when she was late in the past.

The video struck a chord with many netizens, and some noticed her fear while she confronted her parents.

One Tiktok user suggested that she may not want to know why her parents were late.

During the conversation with her parents, she appeared to be imitating the phrases found in a TikTok trend where a woman was upset at someone for being late.

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