Break wind: Woman in US claims to earn over $60,000 weekly selling her farts in jars

Break wind: Woman in US claims to earn over $60,000 weekly selling her farts in jars
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Stepankamatto

Be warned, this one could be a bit of a stinker. A woman in the US has managed to earn a living by selling her farts in jars.

The woman, Stephanie Matto, isn't simply doing this fart hustle on the side. She's raking in the dough by the thousands and claims to have earned over US$45,000 (S$60,000) in a week.

The former reality TV actor has achieved a following online — as is also known as the fart jar millionaire on TikTok.


On Nov 30, she posted a video declaring her hefty earnings. The video blew up and has over seven million views and 800 comments.

In case you are wondering about the 'quality' of her product, Matto has got you covered.

"The smell is most prominent for the first two days but as I like to say, one whiff makes memories that last a lifetime," the 31-year-old said.


In another TikTok post uploaded on Nov 24, Matto takes viewers through a typical day in the life of the fart jar millionaire.

Nutrition-wise, she has a selection of food items ready, which includes beans, protein muffins, yoghurt, and hard boiled eggs.

Just looking at it would make the best of us feel like farting.

Once her farts are 'ready', it's set in a jar and — for that final touch — Matto adds flower petals as she feels it will "attach the scent and make it last longer".

Each jar also comes with a personalised note. Do note that if you're looking to get a jar yourself, be prepared to pay for this extremely niche product as a jar of Matto's farts would set you back $1,300.

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