Fake news: People contracting herpes from drinking Instagram star's bathwater

PHOTO: Instagram/Belle Delphine

Some fans are known to be capable of rather outrageous behaviour such as stalking their idols or even buying their used bathwater.

A tweet went viral this week, alleging that some thirsty gamer boys contracted a sexually transmitted disease by consuming said liquid.

Masquerading as publication The Daily Mail, the tweet claimed that over 50 people have contracted herpes after drinking Instagram star Belle Delphine's bathwater.

Belle, a UK-based cosplayer, is best known for sparking various online memes by making suggestive facial expressions in risque photos.

PHOTO: Twitter

Well, the 19-year-old did list 'GamerGirl Bathwater' on her web store for sale at US$30 (S$41) each last week.

It even came with a disclaimer that it is not for drinking and should only be used for 'sentimental purposes'.

The merchandise, whose quantity was never revealed, was soon 'sold out' on the same day.

Two people appeared to have gotten their hands on the sought-after commodity.

To ride on the hype, at least one YouTuber has drunk the 'goddess elixir'. Another YouTuber vaped the liquid.

It is unclear whether the liquid in the bottles contained actual bathwater.

Although the tweet tried to pass itself off as The Daily Mail US, one telltale sign that it was a hoax was the username @BakeRises.

Also, there's the fact that herpes is mainly spread through oral or sexual contact.

Appearing to have caught on the joke, social media users started to leave comments on Belle's posts, writing that the bathwater gave people herpes.

Since then, BakeRises, whose account has been suspended, owned up to playing a prank on Twitter users.

Meanwhile, Gamer Girl herself said of the herpes claims: "You're a clown if you believed that."

PHOTO: Instagram screengrab