Daily roundup: Gojek app updates praised for witty, entertaining patch notes - and other top stories today

PHOTO: The Straits Times, Facebook/Joyce Tay

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Gojek app updates praised for witty, entertaining patch notes

Instead of the usual descriptions about bug fixes and added features, the ride-hailing app offered comical anecdotes, parody songs, fan fiction and even blog posts... » READ MORE

2. She earns $3,000 a month at just 17 and even paid for her family's holiday

PHOTO: AsiaOne

Ang Jiaxin was just 15 when she paid for her family's trip to Thailand, using the money she had earned from her self-made business. She's a slime maker... » READ MORE

3. Singapore chef Tan Yong Hua, 47, dies of heart failure in his sleep

PHOTO: Facebook/Restaurant Home

Chinese cuisine chef Tan Yong Hua, who owned Restaurant Home in Tampines Street 43, died of heart failure in his sleep on Wednesday night (Sept 9). He was 47... » READ MORE

4. Are Singaporean workers really losing jobs to Indian expats?

PHOTO: Reuters

As Singapore's economy slows amid the coronavirus pandemic and job losses mount, people's anxieties over their livelihoods have found a convenient target: a free-trade agreement Singapore signed with India in 2005... » READ MORE