Daily roundup: Study finds over 47 per cent of local influencers involved in fraud - and other top stories today

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Do you know that over 47 per cent of influencers in Singapore are involved in fraud?

To secure potential sponsorships or even flourish their appeal, countless media influencers will do anything to artificially inflate their growth, including manufacture fake followers, according to a study... » READ MORE

2. Thai divers spot great white shark in waters off Bali

PHOTO: Facebook

Great white sharks are a rare marine animal that only appear in cold water, so its appearance in Bali is a huge surprise for divers and marine biologists worldwide... » READ MORE

3. Mandopop stars David Tao and Shin's concert cancelled after lawyer goes missing

PHOTO: Instagram/David Tao

Fans arrived at the SPICE Arena by 8pm. But at 9.30pm, a giant LED screen displayed the cancellation notice, sending the crowd into a fury... » READ MORE

4. US man drowns while proposing underwater to girlfriend at Tanzanian luxury resort

PHOTO: Facebook/Kenesha Antoine

His girlfriend Kenesha Antoine posted on her Facebook page footage of Steven Weber proposing to her through the window of their underwater hotel room at the luxury Manta Resort in Zanzibar... » READ MORE