No joke: Man in India divorces wife over instant noodles

No joke: Man in India divorces wife over instant noodles
A man in India decided to divorce his wife after she cooked instant noodles for his daily meals.
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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach — but not when his partner is serving up instant noodles.

A man in India filed for a divorce after his wife only cooked him cup noodles for every meal every day, local media reported on Wednesday (June 1).

This is one of kooky cases of breakups he's seen, former principal district judge of Ballari ML Raghunath shared with the New Indian Express.

According to Raghunath, the divorce cases brought to the courts' attention included instances ranging from wrong-coloured wedding outfits to incorrect placement of salt on plates.

Beliebe it: Relatives sing Bieber's Ghost at Indonesia funeral

If you thought you were a die-hard Belieber, you might want to reconsider.

For relatives of the deceased in Indonesia, they would "settle for the ghost" of someone that they loved, it seems.

In a TikTok video posted on Tuesday that has since gained over 300,000 likes and more than 20,000 shares, the bereaved can be seen singing Justin Bieber's Ghost at a funeral while religious chanting goes on in the background.

@madesurata0 #fyp ♬ suara asli - Made Surata585

But this isn't some sick joke to gain TikTok views — it was actually a last request from the deceased. How's that for dedication?

Woman in US gets free couch and $50,000 surprise

Finders keepers? Not for this woman.

Vicky Odomu, who recently moved into her new home in California, was in need of furniture.

When she struck an incredible deal for free furniture on Craigslist, she didn't expect to find a thick wad of cash in the couch amounting to US$36,000 (S$50,000).

While many would keep the money, Odomu instead gave it back to the owners, saying that she was satisfied with what she had — her three beautiful grandchildren.

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