Triple threat with singing, acting and hosting skills

His dimpled smile. His good humour. His easygoing ways.

Amid the sea of boy bands from South Korea, solo artist Lee Seung Gi stands out.

While others divide and conquer, his secret to success is to single-handedly conquer the three key areas of showbiz: Acting (he's scored two hit dramas, Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend Is A Nine-tailed Fox); singing (five hit albums released); and hosting (two top- rated variety shows, Strong Heart and 1 Night 2 Days).

He's so adept at managing all three portfolios, and has become so popular that he's earned the nickname,"the nation's younger brother". His face is plastered on all kinds of consumer products and brands, from pizza to cosmetics, a refrigerator and even a bank.

The 25-year-old is also one of Singapore's most wanted K-pop stars, topping a poll by U Weekly entertainment magazine in which fans voted for the K-pop star they'd like to see visiting Singapore for the first time.

He garnered 69 per cent of votes, beating the likes of TVXQ and Yoon Eun Hye.

So, when The Straits Times RazorTV got a chance to visit South Korea recently, we had to seek him out and nail his first interview with the Singapore media - the perfect story for today's launch of the new K-pop channel, OK-Pop.

When told of his popularity in Singapore, Lee flashed his trademark dimple (yep, only one) and replied in Korean: "I'm very glad to know that even though I've had no promotional activities, I still have fans who like me and my work.

"To have their support means a lot to me."

He promised to come meet his Singapore fans "sooner or later" but, for the year ahead, it seems that his top priority will be to break into Japan's entertainment scene.

He has released the Japanese single Era Of Love, and is slated to stage a solo concert in Japan in June.

Also keeping him busy is the filming of the highly anticipated new drama The King 2 Hearts, which sees him playing a fictitious modern-day South Korean prince who falls in love with a North Korean secret agent (Ha Ji Won).

Lee was discovered by South Korean singer Lee Sun Hee when he was just 15. He made his debut two years later in 2004 and was catapulted to fame by his first single, Because You're My Woman, a declaration of love from a younger guy to an older woman.

Fast forward eight years and Lee has conquered not just the hearts of older women, but also those of young girls and even grandmothers.

"I don't think that I put a lot of effort into gaining popularity among older women," he said. "When I debuted as a singer, it was at a time when there weren't many older woman- younger guy couples around, so my song (Because You're My Woman) became a sensation.

"It told the story in a direct way and the impact can still be felt today."

When asked if he prefers dating older women in real life, he said the maximum age gap he can accept is five years.

As for the one thing he'd really like to do for a girl, he said he wants to hold her on his lap and "gently caress her".

But he was quick to point out that there's no room for love in his jam-packed schedule.

"I haven't had any relationship since my debut. Maybe it's because I'm conscious of people's attention and expectations, so I've instinctively trained myself to restrain myself," he said.

For a look at an unrestrained Lee, check out his full interview in RazorTV's video clips.

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