Daily roundup: How to label your missile-equipped drones, if you happen to own one - and other top stories today


Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. ​Here's where to fix registration labels on missile-equipped drones, if you happen to own one

Before letting your missile-equipped unmanned aircraft (UA) take flight these days, be sure to remember pasting a registration label on its chassis first!... » READ MORE

2. ​FairPrice to pull CNY 'funeral' tee from stores

Photo: AsiaOne/Kimberly Anne Lim

The supermarket chain said on Jan 12 that it had pulled a Chinese New Year T-shirt from stores after netizens pointed out certain connotations that were less than auspicious... » READ MORE

3. Woman tosses handbag out of moving car, causes 5-vehicle collision on AYE

Photo: Video screengrabs

Motorists on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) were stunned when a red handbag was thrown out of a champagne Hyundai... » READ MORE

4. Local singer Derrick Hoh goes on angry social media rant, deletes a decade's worth of posts

Photo: Instagram/Derrick Hoh 何維健

He wrote: "I am tired of being 'an artiste'. All I wanted was to make music for my real fans and friends. I no longer want my life to be the subject of anyone's entertainment"... » READ MORE

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