Daily roundup: Vietnamese girl gets plastic surgery to look like Fan Bingbing - and other top stories today


Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Vietnamese girl gets plastic surgery to look like Fan Bingbing

In hopes of looking more like her idol, she started her journey of plastic surgery, drastically transforming the shape of her face and nose... » READ MORE

2. 'I'm the b**** you know': Xiaxue addresses mistake of making tweet that garnered police reports

PHOTO: Screengrab

“People tried so hard to dig up s*** about me… but all they managed to find is a decade old tweet where I slipped up and let my emotions get better of me,” she wrote on Instagram... » READ MORE

3. Looking for a DVD player? Poh Kim is giving it out for free when you buy DVDs

PHOTO: Tanglin Mall

The higher the purchase of DVDs, the better the specifications of the complimentary DVD player... » READ MORE

4. Actor Nat Ho endures LA-Singapore flight next to coughing passenger who didn't wear a mask​​​​​​​

PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

The 36-year-old recently flew back to Singapore from Los Angeles — a flight that takes about 18 hours, or longer if there's a layover — to celebrate his father's birthday... » READ MORE