Kurt Tay wants to join PAP because he wants to earn more than $10k every month

Kurt Tay wants to join PAP because he wants to earn more than $10k every month
PHOTO: Facebook/Kurt Tay

You may know him from his viral run to be a Singapore Idol contestant.

Or as the man who got breast implants to “boost his confidence” before eventually removing them.

Or perhaps from his current stint as a “Singapore superstar celebrity” who’s always toting World Wrestling Entertainment belts in public. 

Kurt Tay's next shot at riches and fame? Be a card-carrying People’s Action Party (PAP) member. Oh it’s true, it's real!

Earlier today (June 26), the local social media personality with a base of cult fans and harassing haters announced his interest in wanting to join the ruling political party after seeing them on TV, but not for altruistic reasons. 

“I heard join PAP got high salary right! I also want join PAP every [month] can earn more than $10k!!!! [sic],” he posted on Instagram with his usual peppering of emojis. The 34-year-old Yishun resident — who claims to be earning over $6,400 a month currently — also asked how he’s able to join the party. 


He’s likely referring to the salary earned by Members of Parliament, which is actually more of an allowance for the time and expenses incurred in serving the community. According to the Public Service Division, the annual MP allowance is $192,500, which works out to about $16,042 a month. 

Of course, one would have to be democratically elected into the role first, regardless of party membership. In the comments section, it was a mix of sobering advice and semi-farcical encouragement for Tay. 

However, there's no chance of seeing Tay as part of PAP’s campaign this year since the party has already unveiled its final batch of candidates to contest the election on July 10. 


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