1988's On The Fringe actresses Chen Bifeng, Yang Libing and Zheng Wanling hold reunion

Zheng Wanling gathered with yesteryear actresses and On The Fringe co-stars. From right to left, Zheng Wanling, Yang Libing, Chen Bifeng and their friend.
PHOTO: Instagram/Zheng Wanling

More than three decades later, they've returned from the fringes of the entertainment industry and gathered together.

Veteran actress Zheng Wanling uploaded a group photo to her Instagram yesterday (Sept 14), showing the gathering she had with her On The Fringe co-stars Chen Bifeng and Yang Libing.

Wrote the 56-year-old Wanling: "A good get-together, after quite some time."

In the picture, Wanling poses beside Bifeng who is to her right, while Libing, 57, stands behind both yesteryear actresses. A friend stands to their far right.

Aside from the iconic 1988 drama On the Fringe, Bifeng and Libing also starred in the popular 1986 series Happy Trio.

Last month, Wanling bumped into Libing while shopping for groceries.

Sharing her encounter on Instagram, Wanling took a picture with her and said that Libing still looks like she's 21.

From left: Chen Bifeng, Zheng Wanling and Yang Libing in On The Fringe. PHOTO: Screengrab/MeWATCH

Libing left showbiz in 2009 to focus on her hair salon, with her last role a guest appearance for 2009's The Perfect Cut 2. Since then, the former actress has stayed away from the limelight and led a quiet life.

Bifeng was last seen paying respects to veteran local actor Bai Yan at his wake in August 2019, together with her god-sisters, former actresses Zeng Huifen and Ye Sumei.

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Throwback to 1988: Zheng Wanling bumps into On The Fringe co-star Yang Libing
Throwback to 1988: Zheng Wanling bumps into On The Fringe co-star Yang Libing

At the time, Bifeng told Lianhe Wanbao that she was teaching Chinese and drama classes in schools on a freelance basis.

Now, she's represented by Starsnest Artistes but it's still unclear if she intends to return to acting.

But while Libing and Bifeng have stepped away from showbiz, Wanling is comparatively more active as a public figure.

Apart from appearances in local shows like 2022's Chinese New Year drama Home Again, she was also recently engaged to lead the South Africa itinerary design and expeditions for Dynasty Travel. The first Wanling-led expedition is scheduled for November this year.

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