The best Korean dramas to expect on Netflix coming in 2020

The King: Eternal Monarch
PHOTO: Facebook/The King: Eternal Monarch Korean Drama

The extension of circuit breaker has us scrambling to look for what else to fill our time with and distract us from whatever's happening in the real world.

Netflix is no stranger to us and it's almost become a, ahem, staple for those of us privileged enough to say so. Netflix always has a neverending stream of shows coming out soon, in the making or already streaming. It can be confusing, especially if you're looking out for your favourite celebrity or newest drama.

We've broken it down for you.

Here are the latest arrivals to Netflix:

The King: Eternal Monarch

Lee Gon is the third emperor of his generation, the perfect leader his subjects look to. Hiding a painful secret and past, Lee Gon escapes into his own world, literally.

This romantic fantasy drama takes the usual k-drama to a new level. Two parallel universes have been opened and demons have been unleashed. King Lee Gon seeks to seal the gateway between dimensions, while Jung Tae-eul, a police inspector, simply wants to protect other's lives and their loved ones.

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You can trust that the plot will take you in and won't let you down as it's written by Kim Eun-suk (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun), and directed by Baek Sang-hoon (Secret, Who Are You: School 2015 and Descendants of the Sun) and Jeong Jee-hyun (Search: WWW).

Plus, Lee Gon is played by Lee Min-Ho and Tae-Eul by Kim Go-Eun, need I say more?

Available now on Netflix: New episodes every week

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Kang Ki Beom is an elite police officer until he became a suspect of his own wife's murder as a result of his investigation of a nationwide criminal organisation, ARGOS. They not only frame him for the murder of his wife and family but they brutally cut out his eyes.

With all lost, the NIS approach Ki Beom to join a special team named 'Rugal' to take down ARGOS. Even giving him two artificial eyes with unique new abilities to take down the group and avenge his family.

If you're a fan of Vagabond, you'll love this as well. Plot twists and action at every turn, what better way to spend the circuit breaker?

Available now on Netflix: New episodes every week

Time to Hunt

One of the most anticipated Korean films of 2020, Time to Hunt was invited to the 70th Berlin International Film Festival for a special gala screening.

In a dystopian future of Korea, Jun-Seok is released from prison and plans to start a new life with his best friends Jang-ho, Ki-hoon and Sang-soo. As if doing that isn't hard enough, an unidentified pursuer appears and begins to chase them, seeking their lives.

The thrill and fear of not knowing what's going to happen and if they'll survive or not will keep you glued to the screen and probably even holding your breath till it's over.

The cast boasts some of the hottest actors right now with Lee Je-hoon (Architecture 101, Signal), Ahn Jae-hong (Be Melodramatic, Reply 1988), Choi Woo-shik (Okja, Parasite), Park Jeong-min (Svaha: The Sixth Finger, Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet) and Park Hae-soo (Prison Playbook, Persona).

Available now on Netflix


Taking 'extra-curriculum' to the next level, this dark thriller centres around high school students who resort to crime to earn quick cash, and lots of it too.

Ji Soo, played by Kong Dee-Hee from Itaewon Class, is a model student that becomes a criminal after committing a horrendous act. When his classmates find out his secret, becoming either partner or an unwilling accomplice, these students find themselves deep into the world of violence and crime.

It's dramatic, terrifying and just what you need to make you forget about the frightening reality we're living in right now.

Available on Netflix this Wednesday (April 29)

Here's what's in production now and what you can look forward to:

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

A fantasy drama about a fate-defying romance between an odd couple and how love can heal one's emotional and psychological wounds.

A community health worker at a psychiatric ward that doesn't believe in love and devotes himself solely to the care of his disabled brother. A children's book writer suffering from an antisocial personality disorder who doesn't know love at all.

Watch Kim Soo-hyun (My Love from the Star, The Moon Embracing the Sun) and Seo Ye-ji (Save Me, Lawless Lawyer) show us what it means to find love and your own identity in the process.

Premier Date: June 2020


Fans of Vagabond and Busted S2 actor Lee Seung-gi, are in for a treat. If you haven't watched these shows (and I highly recommend you do), maybe you've heard of the famous More Than Blue Taiwanese movie that hit the theatres awhile ago.

Not only was the movie known for provoking tears, Jasper Liu also hit the spotlight for his heartbreaking charms and looks.

This non-fictional series will have this unlikely pair travel together through various cities in Asia to meet their fans.

Not knowing the other beforehand, they don't even speak the same language, watch them become best friends and overcome all the troubles that arise on the road.

Premier date to be confirmed.

The School Nurse Files

This upcoming drama is based on the 2015 award-winning novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young by Chung Se-rang,

Ahn Eun Yong is a nurse teacher and an exorcist. She has a supernatural ability that allows her to see ghosts and eradicate them. After a mysterious accident in school, Teacher Hong In Pyo, played by Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo) helps her.

This strong woman-lead series played by Jung Yu-Mi is one to set a reminder for!

Premier date to be confirmed.

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Sweet Home

Hyun-soo, a reclusive high school student, moves into an old apartment complex called Green Home after the tragic death of his entire family.

He soon realises the residents at Green Home residents, including himself, are trapped and surrounded by monsters in various forms of distorted human desires, which are about to sweep away mankind. Yeah, Hyun-soo pretty much can't get a break.

Premier date to be confirmed.

Did We Love?

Single mother and film producer, No Ae Jung has been by herself for fourteen years. Just when it looks like there isn't any more hope for love, four men are suddenly thrown into her life.

Each different and unique in their own way, No Ae Jung must navigate what she thinks she needs and what her heart truly wants.

But there's no doubt that she has the pick of the lot - a notorious bad boy she can't say no to, a rich suitor with some baggage himself, a cunning but attractive bachelor and a young, sweet naive boy.

Love knows no boundaries - even age. It's cute, funny and inspiring. Update your calendars and clear your schedule, this one's worthy of a binge I bet.

Coming to Netflix in July 2020, the exact date of release not confirmed.

Dr. Romantic 2

The fans have spoken and the sequel to Dr. Romantic (duh) released in 2016 is coming to Netflix!

I don't want to drop any spoilers, so here's a tease. Three years have passed since the first season ended, Kim Sa-bu goes to Geosan University Hospital in hopes of recruiting a capable general surgeon. There, he finds Seo Woo-jin, a doctor so troubled by his past that even his colleagues don't speak to him.

You'll find the plot to be as good as the first, with the character's you have come to love so much.

Just like how the hospital operates non-stop, thus drama will not rest till it has you biting your nails and screaming in exasperation.

Coming to Netflix soon, official release date not confirmed.

Can't wait that long? Here's what's streaming on Netflix right now:

My Holo Love

Han So-Yeon, a 30-year-old assistant manager with an attitude problem. Her life is lacklustre until one day she finds herself in possession of a state-of-the-art AI hologram device, that allows her to see Holo (short for Hologram).

The lines between technology and reality blur as both Holo and So-Yeon start to grow attached to each other.

It gets complicated when Go Nan-Do, the creator of Holo and who it was based on, moves in next door to her. And she can't seem to tell apart the real man and his hologram.

How will this love triangle turn out?

Now available on Netflix.

Itaewon Class

Park SaeRoyi is many things, but he isn't a quitter. His journey hasn't been an easy one. His childhood isn't pretty but if anyone can emerge from that successful and determined, it's him.

Much of it (okay, all) of his misery is caused by the top food chain company in Korea, Jangga Co. The Chairman and his son are set on making sure SaeRoyi will never succeed on his plans: Taking revenge on Jangga Co. and bringing them to justice.

I can promise you that after the first episode, you'll be hooked. SaeRoyi's unfailing righteousness and bravery, not to mention his loyalty to his people will have you rooting for him at every step.

His own ragtag staff at his own bar, Danbam, will make you wish you could fight alongside them as well. Watch as they fight for their freedom without compromising their values, on their own terms.

Itaewon Class also isn't shying away from important issues we face in society today. Intrigued? Log on to Netflix and watch it for yourself.

Now available on Netflix.

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There are two kinds of lawyers, the morally upright and those that will do anything to win. Meet Jung Geum-Ja, she's the latter. Using every possible trick up her sleeve, she will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants.

Yoon Hee-Jae, born into the elites, is a world-class lawyer. He couldn't be any more different from Geum-Ja, save for the fact that they become animals when fighting for their clients' cases.

In a tangle of morals and dirty tricks, nothing is black and white in this show. You'll be at the edge of your seat and I won't be surprised if you're yelling in outrage at the injustice of their court behaviour.

What are you waiting for?

Now available on Netflix.

Hi Bye, Mama!

Five years ago, Cha Yu-Ri left behind her daughter and loving husband. She's been living as a ghost since then, unable to be seen or touched by any humans. Until now.

She's given 49 days to carry out a reincarnation project: If she manages to get her old life back to when she was alive, she's allowed to remain human.

Her husband, Jo Kang-Hwa, torn over his wife's death has changed drastically from the man he used to be. Now, seeing his dead wife before his eyes changes everything.

A show about love, family and death, you'll have to be sitting down for this one.

Now available on Netflix.

Hospital Playlist

Five doctors, whose friendship goes back to their days in med school, band together at one hospital as colleagues in the VIP wing.

The group consists of a Chae Song Hwa, the only woman of the group and the one that brings them all together. Seok Hyeong, socially awkward and often taken care of by the others, Ik-Jun a clubber by night but intelligent doctor by day.

One of the best surgeons in the hospital, Jun Wan knows it and isn't afraid to let everyone know. Last but not least, Jeong-Won has a heart of gold for his patients but apparently not for his friends.

Together, they face the harsh realities of life and death every day. You can expect to fall in love with this group of friends and be drawn into everything this hospital series promises.

Now available on Netflix.

Kingdom Season 2

Adapted from the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods, Kingdom is a political period drama released in 2019.

From the first season filled with the mysterious plague that has resulted in thousands to become zombie-like monsters that eat humans, fans already know that the real beasts are those vying for the throne.

Using the plague as a means to gain political power, the series is riddled with scenes of horror and disbelief. Not only is the plot riveting, but the filming and production of the Netflix series will have you wondering if it isn't a top-grade blockbuster movie.

Now it's coming back in 2020 and Crown Prince Lee Chang continues his fight to save his Kingdom from humans and zombies alike.

Now available on Netflix.

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