Confirmed list for Sisters Who Make Waves 3: Ex-Girls' Generation's Jessica, Twins, Valen Hsu, Na Ying, Cyndi Wang

Jessica Jung previously from Girls' Generation (left) and Charlene Choi from Twins.
PHOTO: Weibo

After much speculation, the talent list for the hit Chinese reality show Sisters Who Make Waves has finally been revealed. 

The show's production team announced on Weibo on Tuesday (May 17), confirming the 30 female celebrities who will be starring in the third season. 

Aside from Ning Jing and Na Ying — winners of the previous seasons — other artistes include former Girl's Generation member Jessica Jung, Twins' Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, and Taiwanese singer-songwriter Valen Hsu. 

Contestants from China include Wu Jinyan, Zhang Qiang, Momo Wu, Zhang Li, Sitar Tan, Huang Xiaolei, Huang Yi, Mao Junjie, Qi Xi, Crystal Zhang, Zhang Xinyi, Zhao Yingzi, Wang Zixuan, Xu Mengtao, Tang Shiyi, Zhu Jiejing, Kelly Yu, Zhao Meng and Liu Lian. 

Apart from Valen, other Taiwanese artistes include Cyndi Wang, Amber Kuo and Aya Liu. 

Fiona Sit and Myolie Wu from Hong Kong will also be joining the star-studded cast. 

Sisters Who Makes Waves is a reality talent show featuring female celebrities over the age of 30, who will compete to debut in a seven-member girl group. It was so popular that it spawned a male version titled Call Me By Fire that featured Jordan Chan, Julian Cheung, Jerry Yan and Terry Lin. 

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