Controversial Taiwanese singer R.chord Hsieh under investigation for spreading fake news on coronavirus

PHOTO: Instagram/chord0415

Taiwanese singer-songwriter R.chord Hsieh is under investigation again, this time because he published unsubstantiated claims that weed (also known as marijuana) kills the coronavirus.

According to Taiwanese media, he received the information from a Canadian and he subsequently shared it on his Instagram.

His post was flagged to the authorities by the public, and he was investigated for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act for spreading rumours. The controversial 32-year-old explained that he shared the post because he thought it was a legitimate news article. 

This isn't the first time that R.chord, also known as Hsieh He-hsian, has gotten into trouble because of marijuana.

Last December, his estranged wife Keanna Taiyh reported him to the authorities for drug use and he was arrested at their home in New Taipei City where they found over 10g of marijuana.

He even broadcasted his arrest in a series of IG stories. When asked by reporters if he had anything to say about his arrest, R.chord made a 'heart' gesture with his fingers, and said he supported the legalisation of marijuana.

He again made the news in Jan 2020 when he was involved in a public spat with Keanna, who accused his mistress of exchanging sex for fame. The accusations came after R.chord publicly announced his extra-marital affair with young and pretty live streamer Liya, and that he's divorcing Keanna.

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