Carrie Wong has apologised for her comments, says Lawrence Wong

Lawrence Wong and Carrie Wong
PHOTO: Facebook / Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

[UPDATE, May 15, 5.03pm]:

In an article published by Shin Min Daily News, Lawrence said that Carrie had already apologised to him yesterday (May 14).

He said: "She was very calm when she apologised and I am grateful that she has been gracious in her apology.

"It's understandable and I won't hold a grudge. All that matters is that everyone is focused on completing the show."

The same report also revealed that Lawrence was already aware of the comments made by Carrie last Thursday, according to his manager Roger Ho.

Roger also brushed off the remarks and added that as long as the comments weren't made in person, they are not bothered by it.


Did Yanxi star Lawrence Wong just clap back at Ian Fang and Carrie Wong's shady texts?

Everyone duck and cover because Ian Fang and Carrie Wong are throwing beaucoup shade.

In one of the biggest scandals to rock the local entertainment industry, Ian and Carrie's private messages on Instagram were leaked and boy, did they read like a scene from a bad porno.

But it wasn't just intimate messages that were shared by the stars, they also loved spilling the tea.

And Yanxi actor Lawrence Wong seems to have been caught in their sights.

In this screengrab from the video, Carrie texted: "Who does he think he is? How can he compare to Aloysius?"

Photo: Screengrab

The late Aloysius Pang was cast in the lead role for the upcoming drama My One in a Million but was replaced by Lawrence after his passing.

Ian asked Carrie who she was referring to but she continued: "Since he's so famous in China, why must he come back?"

To which, Ian replied: "Lawrence ah? No matter, you will win for sure."

When Carrie asked what he meant by "win", Ian explained that he had many different definitions for "win".

Photo: Screengrab

He added: "You have to win by not caring about anything. You have to win by standing up for Aloy. You have to win by acting well.

"You have to win by showing him that we don't have to rely on connections, looks, or luck."

It has been reported that this exchange took place in February, shortly after Aloysius' passing; and both Ian and Carrie are also known to be good friends of his. 

After the video went viral, Lawrence seemingly fired back on Instagram.

He quoted an excerpt of a media interview where he spoke of his struggling journey to be an actor since he had "no backing from a rich company" and "didn't come from a competition".

He wrote: "During the interview, I didn't realise I gave the perfect answer to all the naysayers who think that my achievements are due to 'good looks', 'connections' or just simply 'luck'."

Lawrence's Instagram story and post were also accompanied with a photo of him smouldering into the camera.

Talk about being cheeky.

AsiaOne reached out to Mediacorp but they declined to provide an official comment on this alleged feud.

In Carrie's statement yesterday (May 14) on the leaked steamy texts, she mentioned that she was "grateful" to her boyfriend "for his trust".

As for Ian, it was rumoured that he's dating fellow actress Rebecca Lim who has apparently deleted all images of herself and Ian from her Instagram feed.


To add on to the hot, honeyed mess, Carrie is also Lawrence's co-star in My One in a Million (which they are still filming) and commended him in a previous interview she did.

She told the media that she knew him "a long time ago" and "can't believe" that she's working with him as she's a "big fan" from watching Yanxi Palace.

When asked about his performance in the show, she admitted: "I think he's awesome."

Let's just say that we would love to be a fly on the wall during their next shoot together.


Of course, Singapore's OG influencer, Xiaxue has put on her proverbial chef's hat and is stirring the pot with her own comments on the scandal.

In a series of Instagram stories, she has taken the liberty of translating the messages for those who have trouble reading the small text like she did.

Photo: Instagram/xiaxue

In one of the stories, she wrote (in classic Xiaxue fashion): "This one f*****g test my eyesight to the max!"

She also included her own queries and some public polls - even one on whether they're "just friends" or if they were doing the horizontal salsa.

As for the rest, well, it's too explicit to be written here so if you would like to take a gander, please feel free to head to her Instagram page.

However, Instagram stories are only up for 24 hours so you have just a few hours left.

We know that everyone pretends that they don't care, but let's be real, the sordid details makes for rather juicy watercooler conversation.

Because, this is probably the most exciting scandal to come out of Mediacorp in a while.