'Like father, like son': Hunky Joe Ma and son flex their pecs to celebrate Father's Day

'Like father, like son': Hunky Joe Ma and son flex their pecs to celebrate Father's Day
Joe Ma and his son, Zai Xiang took to Instagram to celebrate their Father's Day, uploading a video of them flexing their pecs to the beat of music.
PHOTO: Instagram/Joe Ma, Instagram/ Ma Zai Xiang

While many people celebrated Father's Day with a nice dinner out or perhaps some heartfelt gifts, Joe Ma and his son Zai Xiang decided to do something different and embrace the more masculine side of fatherhood.

In a combined post to both Joe and Zai Xiang's Instagram pages yesterday (June 19), the father-son duo posted a video of themselves flexing their chiselled pecs in celebration of Father's Day.

The 14-second video has Joe, 53, and Zai Xiang, 23, standing side-by-side, staring a hole into the camera with their smouldering gaze.


As the music — Maneskin's I Wanna Be Your Slave — plays, the duo begin flexing their pecs to the rhythm.

For many, seeing Joe's sculpted body may not have been something new. He is as well known for his fit physique as he is his acting.

That both Joe and his son would celebrate Father's Day with such a 'thirst trap' came as somewhat of a surprise to some netizens as they left comments expressing their amazement.


"So handsome, like father, like son," said one comment on Instagram. Said another jokingly: "I'm married... this is so scandalous!"

And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Zai Xiang's looks have caught people's eyes. In 2017, he walked the runway for Hermes Men's Fall Collection.

In 2019, Zai Xiang's lifeguard graduation ceremony saw him dressed in a pink crop top and bright orange trunks that left little to the imagination, turning the heads of many netizens.

Zai Xiang began his trek towards stardom that same year, following in his father's footsteps and signing to Shaw Brothers.

He also recently starred in the same TVB drama as his father, The Kwoks and What, as the younger version of Joe's character.

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