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'Can you feel my joy?' Local celeb mums show their post-PSLE celebrations

'Can you feel my joy?' Local celeb mums show their post-PSLE celebrations
Local actress Lina Ng and her three sons celebrated after the youngest finished his PSLE papers.
PHOTO: Instagram/Lina Ng

One was anxious while another watched a movie with her kid during the exams.

The dreaded Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) ended on Oct 4 and these Singapore celebrity mums are celebrating the win with their 12-year-old children.

Jacelyn Tay


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Posting on the same day of the last paper, Jacelyn Tay took to Instagram to share how happy she was that the exams for her son Zavier were over.

"Just sent my son to his last PSLE paper this morning. Can you feel my joy? This feeling is better than when I passed my certificate in immunology with Harvard Medical School," wrote the 48-year-old.

The former actress added how she immediately went home to pack all of Zavier's textbooks and assessment papers to prepare to "give them away or throw" them out.

She even added that she will be flying off somewhere with her friends for a break soon after.

" Flying off to somewhere really green and beautiful with some precious friends. Can't wait to breathe the fresh air, eat the sweet fruits and hike the mountains," she said.

Charlyn Lin

Local host Charlyn Lin posted a compilation of photos with her sons Caleb, 12, and Cayvus, six, to "say hello and goodbye to the past PSLE weeks".

The 45-year-old remarked on Instagram how she felt like she "unlocked" an achievement and now feels she's more qualified to be called a Singaporean parent.

She wrote: "Solving math problem sums became fun and rewarding… Bye bye PSLE, I shall see you in five years' time - my third PSLE this lifetime. Till then we are going to keep having fun - work hard and play harder!"

In the photos, the boys could be seen buying candy, playing Pokemon and going biking with her.

Lina Ng

After three rounds of PSLE with her children, local actress Lina Ng shared on Instagram photos of the four of them having a fancy meal together to celebrate, all paid for by her eldest.

The 49-year-old has three sons with her teacher husband Mike Lam. Their eldest Jeriel, 19, is doing his national service, Joel, 17, is studying in Anglo-Chinese School Independent, while Samuel, 12, is the youngest.

"Finally… No more PSLE for the Lam family! We celebrate! Gor gor (older brother) bought us a meal!" said Lina, adding photos of the four of them and the dishes they had.

Diana Ser

While others seemed to have smaller celebrations, local TV host Diana Ser took things to the next level by bringing her daughter Jaymee on a getaway.

She posted a video of their getaway on Instagram and wrote: "Post-PSLE getaway with our little one. We love you so much."

Though the 51-year-old didn't specify whether they went overseas or had a staycation in Singapore, the hotel room and breakfast was enough to make netizens envious of her daughter.

"The new generation is pampered by their parents!" joked one netizen.

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