Gossip mill: Marco Ngai's ex-wife hints at lack of sex for 5 years before divorce - and other entertainment news this week

Marco Ngai and his ex-wife Zhang Lihua in happier times.
PHOTO: Weibo

Marco Ngai's ex-wife hints at lack of sex for five years before divorce

In January this year, Zhang Lihua was caught on camera behaving intimately with a foreign banker, while she was still married to Hong Kong veteran actor Marco Ngai, 52.

Zhang and the man were photographed having a meal together and kissing in a taxi before heading up to his apartment. Zhang and Marco reportedly divorced soon after. In a recent interview with reporters, she apologised for her indiscretion and hinted at the cause of her marriage breakdown.

The 32-year-old indicated that she and Marco had not had sexual relations for five to six years prior to their divorce. She confessed: "Initially, I wondered if I wasn't performing well in some aspects, and I talked to him about it. After two or three attempts, he appeared unwilling to communicate and there was never a conclusion to what we discussed."

After their daughter was born, Zhang felt neglected after Marco reportedly shifted his full attention to the child, who's now nine years old. "I didn't receive concern (from him) emotionally. As a woman, I wanted to feel loved. Maybe he didn't realise that as he is only concerned about our daughter."

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Rainie Yang receives Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in every colour from hubby Li Ronghao for her birthday

In the five years that they've known each other, Chinese singer Li Ronghao has always been with Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang for her birthday, which falls on June 4.

Even though the couple — who married late last year — are now living in different regions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ronghao, 34, made sure his wife still felt loved on her special day.

Rainie, 36, revealed in a recent Instagram Story post that he got a mutual friend to deliver a cake and a present to her at the stroke of midnight on June 4. Inside the gift was a card, as well as boxes of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in every colour made. Rainie said in her post that her current Joy-Con was faulty, and that Ronghao learnt about it because he asked around her friends.

"I wept so hard, my nose was still red when I took the photo," she added.

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Wu Chun brings kids to deliver gifts to underprivileged families

Bruneian singer-actor Wu Chun, 40, recently took his two children — NeiNei, nine, and Max, six — out on a day of charity work. In a post uploaded on Thursday (June 4) on his daughter's Instagram account, the family went to a hospital and delivered hampers and gifts to patients there. There was also a photo taken in front of the Neuro Emergency Department.

He wrote: "Do small things with great love... Today, we had the opportunity to do a drive-through donation drive to 18 underprivileged families... It's always never too young to learn the value of empathy, kindness and charitable giving... Together, we can spark a little bit of goodness to the world. [sic]"

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