Ku Hye-sun claims Ahn Jae-hyun cheated on her after text messages leaked

Korean celebrity couple Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun have been feuding bitterly over their divorce and their dirty laundry has been splashed all over social media and the news.

One thing that remained a mystery, though, was the reason for the divorce.

But all that changed today (Sept 4) when 34-year-old Hye-sun claimed that Jae-hyun, 32, was having an affair.

In response to the couple's text messages being leaked by Korean news agency Dispatch, Hye-sun published an Instagram post and accused Jae-hyun of having an affair.

She wrote: "The results of the Dispatch forensics? Ahn Jae-hyun has changed his cellphone three times in this year alone.

"The exact reason for why we are divorcing is because of Ahn Jae-hyun’s extramarital affair. A drama actress he is currently filming with and having an affair with came to our house so many times, I was confused and wondered if I could still trust him.

"I was heartbroken to discover that someone who wouldn’t message me or call me properly would be smiling and laughing as he sent messages to that actress. So I still need time to sort out my own feelings."

Perhaps Hye-sun was referring to a conversation she had with Jae-hyun about wanting the apartment under her name.

When the latter asked her what this was about, she pointed out that he had been having people over when she was around, even at 3am.

He explained that it was because of work and the discussion abruptly ended with her heading off to bed.

Jae-hyun is currently working on two dramas — New Journey to the West 7 and People With Flaws — so the identity of the actress Hye-sun mentioned is currently unknown.

Shortly after Hye-sun's post was published, Celltrion Entertainment — the agency which manages actress Oh Yeon-seo from People With Flaws — released a statement disputing Hye-sun's claim that Yeon-seo was the actress Jae-hyun is allegedly having an affair with.

The agency announced: "We plan on taking strong legal action against Ku Hye-sun for posting speculations on her official social media which is severe defamation and spreading of false information."

Jae-hyun also previously released a statement asserting that there was no infidelity on his part.

Another text message that was shared was an argument between the two in which Jae-hyun accused Hye-sun of twisting words to her advantage when she called him out for coming home drunk and ordering her to cut watermelons.

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Since news of their dysfunctional relationship broke, with allegations that their longest argument lasted six hours, the pair has engaged in frequent mudslinging but this could corroborate why Hye-sun had rules drawn up for Jae-hyun to follow.

One of the rules shown in a photo that she recently shared on Instagram, was to drink in moderation.

The post has since been taken down.

Despite the messy relationship, Hye-Sun's lawyers said on Tuesday (Sept 3) that she "doesn't want to divorce" and will take a temporary leave of absence from showbiz to continue her studies.

The couple met on the set of the drama Blood in 2015 and married in 2016.