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Level 9 on loneliness index: Fish Leong recounts recent heartbreaking episode

Level 9 on loneliness index: Fish Leong recounts recent heartbreaking episode
PHOTO: Instagram/ fishleong616

When Fish Leong confirmed her divorce from Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao in September last year after nine years of marriage ⁠— amid rumours of how he had cheated on her ⁠— fans and some netizens felt her pain.

Subsequent reports brought to light how she was seeing a psychiatrist and that she also teared up during a performance of her hit song Fen Shou Kuai Le (Happy Breakup).

While the 41-year-old Malaysian singer seems to be on the mend, she recently revealed another heart-breaking experience to Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eve Ai, 33.

The two ⁠— who had just collaborated on a stunning remake of the goldie 'SEA You Soon' ⁠— chatted about the popular internet loneliness index, which ranks how lonely you are based on different activities. So, if you shop for groceries alone, you're at level one. And if you go to the hospital on your own for an operation, you're at level 10.


Fish told Eve that she had reached level nine by moving house by herself, adding that she felt so heartbroken that she had goosebumps.

"When I was tidying up and placing things in the boxes, I sank into a deep abyss of reminiscence. Not only did I have to bid farewell to the house alone, but there was also no one to celebrate with me when I moved to the new home," she said.

Since her self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, she has been spending her time livestreaming her cooking on social media. She's made nyonya kueh and curry ⁠— her six-year-old son's favourite ⁠— and also baked cookies with him.

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