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Malaysian singer Fish Leong is dating again after divorce

Malaysian singer Fish Leong is dating again after divorce
PHOTO: Instagram/fishleong616

Learning how to live without a spouse after a divorce can be tough. Once bitten, twice shy and some might even swear off love altogether. But what happens when love comes knocking at your door?

At least for Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Fish Leong, she’s not closing that door just yet. This is despite facing emotional turmoil following her divorce from wine merchant Tony Chao in December last year.

The pair have a 6-year-old son Anderson of whom they share joint custody.

It is said that Fish suffered from depression after her divorce but saw a psychiatrist to aid in her recovery. 

Dating after divorce

In what seems to be more promising news, the 42-year-old is dating again, according to China Press. 

During a recent press conference on her upcoming world tour concert, Fish revealed that she recently visited Lungshan Temple in Taipei and sought advice from the god of matchmaking (yue lao) regarding her love life. 

She was said to have received an amulet in hopes that it would bring her luck.

On whether it produced results, she said she is seeing someone and everything is going smoothly at present. She shared that while they have gone out for a date and coffee, they are not in a committed relationship yet. 

‘World is still beautiful’

“I’m looking forward to a new love life. I hope to find someone who loves sports and leads a healthy lifestyle,” the 42-year-old said. 

“But I will not tolerate someone who is not punctual.”

In a separate interview with the media following her divorce, Fish shared that her heart is full of warmth.

She said the "world is still beautiful" and hopes to stay optimistic in spite of her marital setback. 

Rumours about her ex-husband’s alleged extramarital affairs surfaced in 2019, which left her distraught. They tied the knot in February 2010 at Boracay in the Philippines, and welcomed their only child in April 2014.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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