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Misplaced loyalties? Show Luo's mum reportedly angry that Grace Chow destroyed his career, Jacky Wu tries to defend him

Misplaced loyalties? Show Luo's mum reportedly angry that Grace Chow destroyed his career, Jacky Wu tries to defend him
From left: Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu, Show Luo's mum, and Grace Chow
PHOTO: Weibo/ 吴宗宪, Instagram/ gracechowwwww

Some say that no matter how old you are, you'll always be a kid and could do little wrong in your mum's eyes. Even if you're already 40 and just became a public scumbag in the eyes of many Chinese-speaking netizens.

After Chinese influencer Grace Chow outed ex-boyfriend Show Luo's sexual debauchery and penchant for "multi-player sports" sessions during their nine-year relationship, the Taiwanese singer-host has seen his popularity plummet. Reportedly, he has also lost a number of hosting gigs.

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Similarly, Taiwanese host Linda Chien, commonly known by her stage name Butterfly, has had to lay low and see her endorsements cancelled after Grace revealed her as one of Show's booty calls.

Apart from the obvious betrayal, Grace, 31, also revealed that she checked herself for sexually transmitted diseases immediately after finding out about her former lover's indiscretion with multiple women, and has luckily been cleared.

Now, Taiwanese media reported that Show's mum Madam Lin Hsiang-lan is furious - not at her 40-year-old son's cheating ways, but at Grace for ruining his career.

Show is famously close to his mum, and so was Grace, who had posted photos of herself with Madam Lin on social media in the past, addressing her as "mother". After her expose, she unfollowed Madam Lin's Weibo account.

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Taiwanese reporters looked for the elderly woman when the news broke, and she allegedly told them: "Relationship matters should be settled in private and they should not tear into each other in public. Grace Chow wants to destroy Show Luo by doing this."

Reports added that Madam Lin is angry that Grace did not give Show an exit from the scandal.

Netizens were shocked at what she said, calling her response a joke and retorting that it was Show who ruined his own reputation.

Meanwhile, veteran Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu has also chimed in on the issue. When asked about it, the candid 57-year-old tried to put in a good word for Show: "Maybe everyone is playful, maybe they are young. They still have a playful heart, but maybe they didn't really do anything…

"There are things that we don't know, so I won't dare to comment too much. We were not there. Show, jiayou! (Hang in there!)"

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