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'My kids' arrival taught me what love and responsibility is': Wu Chun reflects on his 27 years with wife

'My kids' arrival taught me what love and responsibility is': Wu Chun reflects on his 27 years with wife
A picture of Wu Chun and his family celebrating Chinese New Year in 2022.
PHOTO: Instagram/Wu Chun

With all the high-profile splits in showbiz, one may wonder if celebrities can have happy lasting marriages.

However, former Fahrenheit member Wu Chun seems to be the exception.

Yesterday (Feb 2) marked the 27th anniversary of 43-year-old Wu Chun's relationship with his wife, Lin Liying, 42. To commemorate the occasion, Wu Chun posted a touching tribute on his Instagram page.


In the caption, he reflected on his marriage and wrote: "It's our 27th anniversary. Life is everlasting when you are surrounded by love. The same day in 1996, we became a couple. All the memories from the past years have been so precious. I kept reminding myself: True perfection is accepting each other's imperfections."

In his video recapping their relationship milestones, the actor-singer shared past photos, clips and his thoughts.

Recalling the past, he wrote: "When we were 16, we were young and innocent. I really liked you. We have spent 15 years together, we have weathered much rain and wind, protecting each other."

He continued: "Then, we had Neinei and Max. My kids' arrival taught me what love and responsibility is."

In 2010, they had their daughter, Neinei, now 12. In 2013, they had their son, Max, now 9.

When he was 16, Wu Chun was introduced to Liying by a mutual friend. Once Wu Chun became a member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, they needed to keep their relationship under wraps as Liying preferred to live a low-profile life and did not want to affect his career in showbiz.

In 2013, his concealed marriage had caused a hoo-ha among fans when he revealed that he was married with kids. In 2020, he caused a slight controversy when it was revealed that he actually got married in 2004 instead of 2009 as he previously said.

Even though they registered their marriage in 2004, they did not have an official wedding ceremony then. The ceremony was telecast on the Chinese variety show Before Wedding in March 2020.


Wu Chun cried during the ceremony and wrote a moving post.

Maintaining a marriage for decades naturally requires effort, and he shared some advice for other men in love.

"Actually, the man can take more initiative - love doesn't need to be fair, perfect or calculating. Take initiative to hug her, care for her, forgive her and understand her. A miracle will happen."

He added: "We believe in fairytales and magic. Always believe the best is yet to come and we are beyond ready. My pursuit for love and my family's happiness is endless. Apart from gratitude, I am full of anticipation for the future."

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