Orange is the new white: Priscilla Ku decks her Christmas tree with dozens of Hermes boxes

Priscilla Ku shared photos of a Christmas tree in her living room surrounded by dozens of orange Hermes boxes
PHOTO: Instagram/Priscilla Ku

For those who celebrate Christmas, decorations can be a big deal: from Mercedes-Benz bringing out a giant eight-metre interactive Christmas ‘tree’ to promote environmental causes, to people lighting up their homes with fairy lights.

One woman who is giving the fanciest mall displays a run for their money is Hong Kong presenter-actress Priscilla Ku with her Hermes-themed Christmas tree.

“The theme for this year's Christmas tree is ‘orange box’,” the 60-year-old posted on her Instagram yesterday (Dec 4). “The themes for our home and studio are the same.”

She shared photos of a tree in her living room surrounded by dozens of orange Hermes boxes. In lieu of baubles, the tree was also decorated with Hermes ornaments — miniature bags and boxes. 


The last photo in the set shows another Christmas tree, presumably the one in her studio, with more traditional ornaments but a pile of Hermes boxes instead of presents at the base.

“Very special, looks good,” commented model Qiqi Yam, while actress Jessica Hsueh could only muster an “OMG!” at the display.

“Haha, thought this was a Hermes store,” a fan commented, while another deemed it “spectacular”.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Priscilla Ku

However, some fans had concerns about the extravagant display.

One wrote: “Hope the boxes will be re-used to avoid wastage, then it’d be more meaningful.”

Another fan echoed the same sentiment, hoping they could be repurposed after Christmas “in the spirit of caring for the environment”.

“For what?” another wrote curtly.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/Priscilla Ku

As a Hermes connoisseur, Priscilla shared a photo of her posing with a Himalaya Kelly 25 — deemed the rarest bag in existence — she had bought for her birthday in August. The same model fetched a whopping HK$3.3 million (S$573,000) in an auction in 2020.

In January, she shared an unboxing video of a Hermes Birkin Cargo, writing: “This is unusual even to Hermes fans.”


Priscilla is far from the only celebrity enamoured with Hermes bags. Last month, Taiwanese host Mickey Huang gifted his co-host Lulu Huang a Hermes Birkin after promising to get her one if they won at the Golden Bell Awards.

So rare are the bags that Mickey said he had “five groups of people” including friends and netizens searching for one.

Closer to home, Singapore socialite Jamie Chua has one of the biggest collections of Hermes bags in the world — over 200. She shows off her collection and gives tips on how to take care of the leather goods on her YouTube channel.

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