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Pregnant Kimberly Chia falls down after missing a kerb

Pregnant Kimberly Chia falls down after missing a kerb
PHOTO: Instagram/kimberlychia

There's a reason why pregnant women are especially careful when moving around, and that's because a fall can have tragic consequences.

Local actress Kimberly Chia took a tumble after she "missed a kerb" and fell on her knees.

The 26-year-old shared the details of the incident in an Instagram story yesterday (March 16), which showed an image of her grazed and bloody knee cap. 

Thankfully, she managed to break the fall with her hands and avoided landing on her belly. 

"Haven't been so careless in a while and somehow, it just had to happen while I'm pregnant," Kimberly said. She also told everyone that the baby is fine. 

In a second Instagram story, she thanked her followers for their concern, reassured everyone that she is "all good" and promised to be "even more careful from now on".

While it's unclear how far along she is, the starlet first announced her pregnancy in October last year during an Instagram Live session.

In January, she revealed that the baby was a boy during a gender reveal party. Just yesterday, she even posted a "bump update" to share how her pregnancy is coming along.


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