Qi Yuwu is chill about Joanne Peh's sex scenes but Brandon Wong isn't?

PHOTO: Instagram/ch8sg, Toggle

Joanne Peh may be "slightly disappointed" by her Last Madame sex scene but hubby Qi Yuwu is singing her praises.

At the press conference for his upcoming Channel 8 drama Daybreak on Oct 8, the 42-year-old actor did not shy away from talking about Joanne's risque scene with Taiwanese model Jeff Chou.

Yuwu revealed that Joanne, who plays brothel owner Fung Lan in the show, showed him the sex scene after Last Madame's premiere on Sept 26.

Joanne, 36, had decided to go nude while filming the scene as she felt that "the context of the story and character motivations were fully justified".

"As a woman and a mother, she took on such a daring and challenging role at this stage in her life. I really respect it and am happy for her," Yuwu told reporters in Mandarin.

"Joanne and I care a lot about the art and performance aspect [in acting]. We both hope to make the production beautiful. As long as it's not for publicity or going nude for the sake of going nude, I will support it," he added.

The couple aren't skittish about sharing the sex scene with their family either.

"I haven't specifically talked about it with my parents but she [Joanne] was the most concerned about my feelings. She showed it to her parents but her dad and brother didn't seem too eager to watch. Maybe they felt awkward!" Yuwu said with a laugh.

The actor, who has a daughter, four, and a son, two, with Joanne, is also cool with his kids watching Last Madame when they are older.

Photo: Instagram/joannepeh

He explained, "It's such a beautiful work. Of course, they will have to wait until they are of age to watch it."

In fact, the actor is so laissez-faire about the scene that he even fell asleep watching Last Madame, Joanne revealed in a recent interview with 96.3FM.

Joanne said in Mandarin, "After he fell asleep, I watched until the tenth episode. It happened to be the violent scene between [Brandon Wong] and me. He woke up and said to me, 'I'll see if the plane has nice movies to watch'."

While the couple may be perfectly chill about Joanne's racy bed scenes, Brandon Wong who plays the villain Lou Seh in Last Madame and a pervert in Daybreak admitted that he felt a little uncomfortable.

The reason? Brandon and Joanne had a particularly "hands-on" scene in Last Madame where they had to grope each other.

Photo: Instagram/joannepeh

To make things more awkward, Last Madame and Daybreak were filmed concurrently, although Brandon said that he never discussed the scene with Yuwu while they were on set.

"Sometimes I wonder if Ah Wu will suddenly come up to me and say [angrily], 'Hey, you ah!'" Brandon joked.

Well, according to Yuwu, there are no hard feelings.

"Joanne told me Brandon was even more embarrassed than her [during the scene], and I can totally imagine that. But I'm okay with it! Since there was no issue, I didn't see a need to talk about it," he said.

Daybreak, a legal drama starring Yuwu and Ya Hui, premieres on Oct 21 on Channel 8.

Last Madame, a 12-part English-language drama that tells the story of the last brothel owner in '30s Singapore, is available online on Toggle.