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R.chord Hsieh spills more tea: Ex-wife Keanna Taiyh cheated on her boyfriend with me

R.chord Hsieh spills more tea: Ex-wife Keanna Taiyh cheated on her boyfriend with me
R.chord Hsieh and Keanna Taiyh
PHOTO: Facebook/ chord0415, Instagram/ keanna_taiyh

It's been quiet the last few months on their front, but now that R.chord Hsieh has been released from a drug abuser treatment centre, his expose on estranged ex-wife Keanna Taiyh has resumed.

The 33-year-old Taiwanese singer-songwriter, who was admitted to the centre for intervention for 40 days, shared a six-pointer post on Facebook on June 22.

"When I met my ex-wife, she hadn't broken up with her boyfriend of 10 years. We spent the night together on our second date. When her then-boyfriend called her the next morning, I was the one who picked up the phone and told him that (Keanna) and I were together," his first point read.

R.chord added that he was also attached at that time, and that made both Keanna and him third parties in someone else's relationship.


The ex-couple hogged headlines from December last year when she reported him to the police for drug use. A week later, he announced that he was dating a livestreamer named Liya and would be divorcing Keanna, who was pregnant then.

R.chord and Keanna continued slinging mud at each other, with her eventually suffering a miscarriage.

In his latest post, R.chord also claimed that Keanna takes 10 sleeping pills every day.

"She said she's a sleepwalking artist. I lost sleep and had to watch out for her the whole night. She cuts her hair when she's sleepwalking. I could only relax and go to bed when she's asleep," he wrote.

"When she ran out of the pills, she would ask my psychiatrist to prescribe more to her. My doctor also told her she had to quit the habit if she wanted to get pregnant."

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The breaking point in their relationship, according to R.chord, was when Keanna — on her own — requested for free in-vitro fertilisation treatment and a free stay at a maternity confinement centre in return for her endorsement of the hospital.

"I didn't agree to it, and she threatened to call the police on me," R.chord said.

After his post, his girlfriend Liya — who is also his manager now ⁠— told the media: "He's had to repress all these thoughts for a long time. We didn't approve of him making the post because we didn't want to start a disagreement again. After all, this period hasn't been easy for him. But he probably hopes the public will understand the truth."

Keanna did not respond to R.chord's claims on her social media accounts, only replying to a netizen's comment about her reproductive health.

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