The year that was: 9 celeb mums who showed us strength and conviction in a tough year

The year that was: 9 celeb mums who showed us strength and conviction in a tough year
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While there has been some improvement from last year and ease of restrictions, there’s no doubt this year has also been tough on all of us. But with strength and conviction, these inspiring female celebrities showed us just how much working mums can continue to strive even through the toughest times.

Despite the current pandemic situation, these celebrity mums pushed through and continued to pursue their passion while also looking after their families. Here are nine inspiring female celebrities who have motivated us with their achievements throughout this year. 

Nine inspiring female celebrities who showed strength throughout a tough year

Ase Wang


After going through an emotional IVF journey, local actress Ase Wang finally became a first-time mum earlier this year. But even after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Ase continues to raise awareness about infertility and how it isn’t the end for women. 

While continuing to share her egg freezing success story, the famous model now also happily shares updates of her life as a working mum on her social media accounts. 

Diana Ser


As a busy mum herself, Diana Ser shows just how much she truly is one of the most inspiring female celebrities as she continues to balance both work and her family.

Being a host definitely doesn’t sound like an easy job, especially with the restrictions outdoors. But Diana appears to do it so flawlessly.

Fann Wong


The pandemic didn’t stop this celeb mummy from achieving her dreams as Fann Wong launched an online pastry shop, Fanntasy. As anyone who follows the local actress on Instagram would know, she developed quite a passion for baking that started during the circuit-breaker period last year.

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From having only her family test out her bakes to now having her very own pastry shop for everyone to enjoy, Fann certainly became one of the most inspiring female celebrities this year. 

Jacelyn Tay


We don’t know how she does it but Jacelyn Tay continues to shine as a hardworking businesswoman, health coach and – of course – mum. As one of the inspiring female celebrities out there, Jacelyn uses her social media platform to raise awareness on health issues and lifestyle advice. 

Plus, it’s great to see how much she supports her son Zavier’s curious mind as he does all sorts of “experiments” while at home. 

Jamie Yeo


Actress Jamie Yeo is another one of the most inspiring female celebrities who continue to show how it is possible to balance work and motherhood. Despite her busy schedule, Jamie stays involved in her children’s growth and education.

Just like many of us fellow parents, Jamie has also been supporting her eldest daughter Aly with many of her home-based learning classes and tuition programmes. 

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Joanne Peh


Despite being a public figure in Singapore media, actress Joanne Peh makes sure she still keeps a bit of her privacy while posting on social media. While she tends to avoid showing too much of her children’s faces on her Instagram posts, Joanne makes sure to still share some of the achievements they had this year. 

Being cooped up at home didn’t seem to faze this celebrity mum as much as she and her two kids tried a hand in many fun activities involving arts and crafts. Being a busy mum while also keeping her little ones engaged in creative activities lands Joanne a spot on our list of inspiring female celebrities.

Lim Peifen


We’re sure many of us can agree that YES 933 DJ Lim Peifen is not only one of the most inspiring female celebrities but also an inspiring mother. As a mummy of two young kids, she still manages to give her best on the radio.

Followers of her Instagram profile would also know how she uses the platform to share parenting tips. She has even openly talked about her miscarriage to uplift other women.

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Naomi Neo


Blogger Naomi Neo has also been an inspiring celebrity mum during this year as she has kept her Instagram open to discuss motherhood concerns with her followers. The mumfluencer has also candidly shared her personal breastfeeding journey in hopes of raising awareness of any challenges lactating mums may have.

Sheila Sim


For a first time mummy, actress Sheila Sim appears to be having the time of her life with her baby daughter. Those who follow her on Instagram have probably cooed and awed with us over the adorable photos she shares of Layla. 

But like some fellow mums, Sheila has also had her moments of severe mood swings and crying spells after giving birth. With the challenges that motherhood brings, the actress-model braved on and chose to be a “very hands-on mother”.

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