'Felt like I was going to go crazy': YouTuber Ghib Ojisan tests positive, self-isolates in his home gym

PHOTO: YouTube/Ghib Ojisan

As of late, there has been a spike of Covid-19 cases in the community and it seems like everyone is taking turns to contract the virus. 

Singapore-based Japanese YouTuber Ghib Ojisan, who caught Covid-19 right before Chinese New Year, wasn't spared either. 

In a YouTube video uploaded Feb 10, he documented his home recovery experience and showed his viewers how he spent his time in isolation. 

Finding out he had Covid-19 

"This is kind of frightening for me, but I think I might have Covid-19," Ghib Ojisan admitted within the first five seconds of the video. 

He shared that he had been issued a Health Risk Warning, and a subsequent Antigen Rapid Test (ART) confirmed his suspicions. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 


Ghib Ojisan's positive result. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 

72-hour self-isolation in his home gym 

Currently, those who test positive on an ART but are well are required to self-isolate for 72-hours. If they then test negative, they're allowed to stop self-isolation.

However, those who continue to test positive will have to continue isolating themselves until the seventh day after they first tested positive. 

Once home, Ghib Ojisan immediately started making himself comfortable in his home gym, where he planned to isolate himself. 

After equipping himself with various necessities such as a foldable table, water, some books, and his laptop, he was all set to spend some quality time alone. 

Ghib Ojisan's "office" arrangement. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 

"Never had I imagined I would use [my gym] as an office, but it looks pretty cosy! I think I can survive here for three days," he said with a chuckle.

While he was locked up in his gym, his meals were kindly provided for by his wife, who left the food outside his door so that the pair would not come into contact. 

How Ghib Ojisan's wife would pass him meals. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 

To pass the time, he also did a quick question and answer (Q&A) session on his situation.

One of the questions was about the wellbeing of his wife, who fortunately had tested negative.

However, he chose to remain cautious and said there is still a chance that she might already have the virus. So, to be on the safe side, his wife decided to self-isolate for 72 hours too. 

Cancelled plans and other inconveniences

If not for the unfortunate turn of events, Ghib Ojisan and his wife would have managed to celebrate Chinese New Year with his in-laws. 

But thanks to Covid-19, that arrangement was completely off the table and the pair had to skip on the festivities. 

Apart from that, Ghib Ojisan shared that his work timeline had been affected as well as he had to reschedule all his shoots and client work. 

"It really affected my work schedule and my relationship with my in-laws, they're scared of me now," he said.

'It really feels like I'm having a common cold'

On the second day of his isolation, Ghib Ojisan reported that he still felt "completely fine", but his throat situation had got a tad bit worse. 

Ghib Ojisan explaining that his throat situation had gotten worse. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 

"It feels like there is something here," he elaborated while gesticulating towards the direction of his neck. 

He also shared that he had phlegm, a cough, slight dizziness as well as a runny nose. 

"It really feels like I'm having a common cold," he concluded. 

"I think a lot of people when they hear 'Covid-19', they will kind of get really scared," Ghib Ojisan said.

However, he reassured his viewers that the actual experience is not as terrifying as people envision it to be. 

"I'm fully vaccinated. I even got the booster. It should be fine, hopefully," he said. 

There was one concern on his mind though, and that was the lasting health effects, which he would only know after he has recovered from the virus. 

"I'm just a bit worried if I get some kind of after effects that will stick with me forever," he expressed. 

Conclusions after seven days of isolation 

Ghib Ojisan eventually ended up isolating for the full seven days, finally testing negative on the last day.

He also shared that according to Singapore law, even if he had tested positive after seven days of isolation, he could already go out and "live his normal life". 

To celebrate the end of his self-isolation, Ghib Ojisan took the chance to reflect and share some of his thoughts on the incident. 

Ghib Ojisan reflecting on his Covid-19 experience. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ghib Ojisan 

While one would have expected the virus itself to have taken a toll on him, Ghib Ojisan seemed to be more affected by the self-isolation.

Describing it as "mentally stressful and tiring," he lamented that it was hard for him to have to isolate himself from his family and the world. 

"It was very tough for me, especially in the initial stage where I had to isolate myself. I felt like I was going to go crazy," he bluntly said. 

He also highlighted that the entire situation had been extremely tough for his wife as well, who was "very, very stressed". 

And though he finally tested negative, Ghib Ojisan shared that his wife and in-laws would probably still be staying clear for the time being just to be on the safe side. 

To conclude, the YouTuber shared that despite having recovered from the virus, it wasn't the end of the ordeal. 

"I am Covid-19 negative, but I feel like it might take a few more days or a few more weeks for me to get back my normal life," he admitted. 

Ghib Ojisan isn't the only online personality that has talked about contracting the virus. A number of other influencers who have shared their Covid-19 diagnosis and recovery include Jade Rasif, Christabel Chua, Naomi Neo and Nicole Choo

Actress Rui En, who also recently tested positive, even admitted that she "felt more relief" getting Covid-19 because she has "always hated suspense". 

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