Kandy Karnival: Inside heiress Kim Lim's 2-day Sentosa birthday bash with a bouncy castle, 10,000 toys and balloons

Kandy Karnival: Inside heiress Kim Lim's 2-day Sentosa birthday bash with a bouncy castle, 10,000 toys and balloons
Zoe Tay at the birthday celebration (left), Kim Lim and son Kyden in front of the bouncy castle at the birthday celebration.
PHOTO: Instagram/Zoe Tay, Instagram/Kim Lim

Not every five-year-old gets thrown a birthday carnival at Sentosa with an arcade, a nine-metre-tall Pokemon bouncy castle, and more toys and balloons than he can count. 

Singaporean billionaire heiress Kim Lim, 31, did exactly that in a joint birthday bash for herself and son Kyden on Saturday (July 23).

Calling the event a "Kandy Karnival", Kim took to Instagram to share that the set-up, which included a 1,000kg castle, 72 rainbow doors and 10,000 toys and balloons,  took 10 days to build. 

The 'Karnival' of every kid's dreams


A colourful wonderland of every kid's dreams, the extravagant birthday celebration was held at The Barracks Hotel Sentosa.

While it's not known how much Kim paid to rent the event space, a one-night stay at the luxury hotel starts from $663.45, according to Klook

True to its name, the party mimicked a real carnival with an indoor arcade. In a video posted by Kim, a life-sized claw machine can be seen, doubling up as a ball pit.

The event also featured a gachapon (capsule toy) machine, and a wall of My Little Pony and Sanrio plushies.

There were also multiple Instagram-worthy props that seemed to be set up for photo-taking, including elaborate balloon displays. Instant photo printers were provided for attendees, as seen on actress Aileen Tan's Instagram. 


Tan's Instagram posts also showed giant balloons of different Pokemon characters such as Pikachu and Squirtle scattered around.

A star-studded guest list

Aileen Tan was not the only celebrity that attended Kim's and Kyden's birthday celebration.

Local celebrities Zheng Geping, Hong Huifang, Zoe Tay and Cassandra See were also spotted, along with Indonesian actress Raline Shah.

Rebecca Lim was supposed to attend, but tagged Kim on an Instagram post to apologise for being absent due to hives.

Xiaxue – Kim's longtime friend – was one of the few influencers seen at the event, with the others being Jianhao Tan and family, and Naomi Neo.

Xiaxue shared in an Instagram post how the party "still blew [her] mind" even after "attending years of trademark Kim Lim birthday parties". 


Besides the bevy of famous names, some very special beneficiaries also got to be a part of Kim's celebrations. On Sunday (July 24), Kim shared that Kandy Karnival would be open for a second day to children from selected charities. 

It seems Kim's penchant for extravagant celebrations isn't just limited to birthdays. 

Earlier this year, Kim held a betrothal ceremony that featured 15 gold bars, Hermes bags and Rolex watches. She later tied the knot on February 22 with the groom, Leslie Leow, and was gifted a $10,000 bank note from her billionaire father Peter Lim. 

Leslie, however, was not spotted in any of Kim's photos and videos of her birthday party. 

Speculation has been rife on the status of their relationship after Kim deleted all her Instagram photos of him last month. 

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