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Kim Lim ties the knot on 22/02/2022; billionaire dad gifts her sentimental $10k bank note

Kim Lim ties the knot on 22/02/2022; billionaire dad gifts her sentimental $10k bank note
PHOTO: Instagram/kimlimhl

It isn't surprising that many couples were eager to tie the knot on Feb 22  — or 22/02/2022 — since it's a once-in-a-lifetime date. 

Out of all the weddings on this date, one of the more swanky ones would definitely belong to Kim Lim and her new hubby, who goes by Leslie.

The opulent event was expected, given the 30-year-old heiress' extravagant betrothal ceremony which featured an estimated $2 million in gifts, and her expensive engagement ring

Adding to the lavishness was the $10,000 bank note that Kim Lim's father, billionaire Peter Lim, gifted to her and her groom.

In an Instagram Story uploaded on Feb 23, Kim Lim snapped a shot of the $10,000 bill and a heartfelt note that her father had penned on a Bulgari card. 

“This special note has followed Pa for a very long time and overcame [sic] many difficult years. Treasure it. All the best wishes for the future,” Peter wrote. 

Other Instagram Stories revealed what went down on the big day. The bride and groom stepped out in red and gold traditional Chinese garb their tea ceremony, and also showed off their minimalist gold wedding bands. 

The pair then had an outfit change, with Kim eschewing the traditional white wedding gown for a modern crop top and tiered skirt ensemble. 

In some of the breathtaking shots Kim shared, the beautiful bride and her husband could be seen posing at an outdoor area adorned with thousands of gorgeous roses making up a flower wall and the couple's initials — K and L. 



Kim also didn't forget to spread the love on her big day — influencer friend Xiaxue shared that all the flowers used during the event were sent to an old folks' home to cheer the residents up. 

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