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My 2019 in AsiaOne: I found out what makes Singaporean men so desirable

My 2019 in AsiaOne: I found out what makes Singaporean men so desirable

2019 is the year of revelations. Self-revelations most of all.

For the sake of a few stories, I've had to dive deep into whether I wanted to have more kids (the answer is probably no) and reveal some never-before-spoken-about aspects of my marriage to a foreigner

I've realised it's tough exposing a part of yourself online to thousands, especially for someone who normally keeps things close to my chest. But it's a retrospective and introspective exercise (much like this one) that has its benefits — producing fresh insights, for one. In my case, it made me more appreciative and kinder to the husband.

My desire to maintain some online privacy also went out the window when I was asked to contribute some personal content for Instagram. But as with all things, once you get over the initial psychological barrier, it gets easier.

Being inquisitive, or kaypoh, by nature about the lives others lead (which probably accounts for my love for reality TV), I never fail to be fascinated by people, and that's probably what I love most about my job.

And with people, love and relationships is definitely a big part of what makes us all human.

This year, I learnt what being a sex coach entails, found out all about sugar dating from a sugar baby (look out for it) and talked to Japanese women who'd love to marry Singapore men. Why? Because they're seen to be "less traditional" and would allow them to have a career.

However, from the Singaporean men I spoke to at the Japanese dating event, what scared our "lion men" off Singaporean girls were their fierce, independent streaks. So were these Japanese women barking up the wrong tree?

Well perhaps not, as from my knowledge, there have been two success stories so far — one couple from the agency has successfully gotten hitched, while another has committed to a long-distance relationship that is working towards marriage.

In this year, I've also been inspired by people who've had to take the road less travelled, either due to personal circumstances or to pursue their passion/calling in life. All entailed stories of personal sacrifice and times of despair, but the trade-off to them is always worth it.

The trick to survive in this so-called life I guess is to know who you are and try not to compare yourself with others (remember, comparison is the thief of joy?). Other lessons gleaned: just be yourself — somebody, somewhere will love you for it, and simply do more of what makes you happy.

Here's to a wonderful 2020 for all.

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