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Stylish last-minute Christmas gifts you can buy from local Singapore brands

Stylish last-minute Christmas gifts you can buy from local Singapore brands
PHOTO: Instagram/kaisekidiaries

If you are still looking high and low for Christmas gifts, take a deep breath. Don’t worry. We’ve found stylish Christmas gifts from local Singapore brands for all the people in your life. You can even personalise or have them custom-made, which means you can put a little bit of thought and love into them!

These presents also come at all price points, so you can stock up a few extra presents for… unexpected situations. This means that you don’t have to worry about surprise presents from acquaintances or your sister-in-law.

Even better, you won’t have to worry about long shipping times from overseas since these businesses are based in Singapore. So if you’ve still not gotten your hands on presents, you don’t have to worry about making it on time – you will still be able to delight everyone in your life.

From beauty lovers to eco-warriors and busy executives, we have found gifts for everyone you love. Now get ready to play Singapore Santa and shop local for the best Christmas gifts from Singapore brands!

Floral Knots Gemstone earring gifts for sparkling friends


Gemstone jewellery has risen in popularity in recent years because gemstones can be worn everywhere, from work to weekends. Floral Knots handmake gemstone earrings and bracelets that range from cute and dainty to bold and outstanding.

The limited edition Sparkly Christmas Huggies earrings come in Rose Gold, or yellow Gold or Silver and can be worn on their own for a subtle look, or you can loop on their matching dangling gem accessory for a glammed-up look. At $38.

Floral Knots also offer a customisation service if you can’t find anything to match the energy (or horoscope) of your friend. For example pink rose quartz gemstones are believed to attract love, while Moonstone is used to balance and cool down emotions and tension.

Take a look at their products here

Isabel Lim Designs embroidery gift for crafty friends

If you know a gal who is all about the crafty lifestyle, Isabel Lim Designs has embroidery kits so that your friend can get to work crafting her own masterpiece. With cute floral and animal patterns, this is a stylish Christmas gift from a Singapore brand that delivers pleasure for months to come.

Isabel will even design an entirely unique pattern for you for $18, tailored to the interests and embroidery skill level of your friend. Specify the design you have in mind – maybe a picture of their pet? Or their favourite flower? Isabel will design a pattern for you (you get one edit for free to make sure it’s exactly what you want).

In her gift, your friend will get a traceable pattern, as well as suggested stitches to use.

Take a look at their products here.

kaisekidiaries coasters for decor-loving friends


Coasters can be great gifts for a decor-loving friend because they’re a practical way to prevent water stains on a precious designer table. Plus a coaster is a great way to add just a little extra style to those everyday self-care rituals – like taking five minutes to de-stress with a cup of tea.

Kaisekidiaries creates resin coasters – or ‘trays’ – that suit both men and women. Each design is handmade and unique and you can choose between floral, crystal, or galaxy designs. Don’t forget to customise it by adding your friend’s name, or maybe even a small phrase.

Even better, these stylish Christmas gifts from the Singapore brand can be used to neatly store other things as well, such as little trinkets or jewellery. Prices are determined by your requests, the complexity of the design, and more. Contact them to get a quote! However, for a gauge, customisation starts at $26.90 for trays.

Take a look at their products on their Instagram.

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Weavve Home x Scene Shang cool pillowcase gifts

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with pillowcases and duvet covers from Weavve Home. For Christmas, they’re collaborating with local homeware designers Scene Shang to create unique prints inspired by Asian patterns, but given a contemporary update. For example, the Jade Blossoms print is inspired by the distinctive tiles of Peranakan shophouses, but it also has that clean Scandi style we all love.

Or you can go for Love Is A Warm Brew, which has an illustration inspired by ginger, five spices and cinnamon to remind you of that cosy feeling you get drinking a warm cup of herbal tea.

To suit our tropical climate the pillowcases are made of 100 per cent TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, which regulate temperature and are cool to the touch. No more flipping over pillows for the cold side for your friend! A pair of pillowcases is priced at $59.

Take a look at their products here.

Papercrane Designs gifts for your friend who wants to slow down


Stylish Christmas gifts from a Singapore brand that also helps you de-stress? What a great idea. Even with digital calendars having their moment to shine, traditional planners are still popular. Why? Writing down your thoughts in a journal or notebook can help you relax. For some, it’s also easier to plan their time using paper and pen.

The printed planners from the graphic design company Paper Crane Designs make for good gifts for any busy person. They contain monthly and weekly spreads, along with a goal and habit tracker. Missing a month or a week with this planner won’t manner as it’s undated, meaning your friend can put it aside and pick it up whenever they like.

For calendars, shop their Into The Wild 2022 desk calendar that comes with gorgeous artworks for every month. With Singapore public holidays marked out, it’s a good option for any busy person out there. Best part? It’s affordable at just $18.

Take a look at their products here.

CRZtaless crystal charm gifts for your friend who loves trinkets

Sparkling crystal charms and necklaces are always in season, so they’re sure to be a welcome gift. Singapore brand CRZtales sells these gems in adorable shapes such as dinosaurs, foxes, sweets, leaves, and more. They make adorable little trinkets to hang on a bag or display on a shelf.

But that’s not all they offer. Want to give your friend something even bolder? Shop their line of actual crystal prisms, hair accessories, bracelets, and more. Prices start as low as $5.

Take a look at their products here.

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Curious Creatures jewellery gifts for your minimalist friend


Minimalistic jewellery has the capability to enhance a look yet it’s also easy to pair with any outfit. Curious Creatures craft simple yet elegant accessories that can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s work, a simple breakfast outing, or a night out.

From bracelets to earrings, rings to necklaces, there is something for any friend who loves to keep it effortless while still looking stylish and chic.

There’s also plenty of choices at a variety of price points. To give you an idea, the bestselling 1940 Necklace is a sleek white topaz on a silver chain, $109, while the Sky Blue Topaz Earrings in Champagne Gold come at $85.

Take a look at their products here.

Handmade Heroes gifts for your beauty-loving friend

The local brand Handmade Heroes has made a name for itself with beauty products for lips, face, body, hair, plus Mama + Baby products. Whether your friend is more of a clay mask type of person or a dry shampoo lover, there’s something for everybody who likes to pamper themselves (or who needs some pampering).

If you’re looking for a full-out gift, their It’s a Party! Giftset is a great choice. It contains eight of its bestselling products for lips, cuticle, and nail care for $49.50. It also includes a free gift, which, let’s be real, is always welcomed.

Take a look at their products here.

Houze - eco-friendly decor gifts from Singapore


Know someone who is trying to live more sustainably? Houze homewares has a line of storage items made from natural fibres and eco-friendly woods, like bamboo. The ecoHOUZE line includes naturally-made storage baskets, rugs, and more.

The items fit into any home aesthetic, from Scandi minimal to full-on bohemian. The woven seagrass trays from $18.90 are a great way to sort out clutter. Alternatively, your friend can display plants on the five-tier bamboo shelf priced at $58.

Take a look at their products here.

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Sweet Surprises smashing chocolate boxes for your sweet-tooth friend

Is your friend someone who has a sweet tooth? Get them sweet boxes this Christmas for an indulgent feast. Choose between chocolate boxes, candy boxes, and a Movie Night Box that has a bit of everything in it.

If you want something a little fancy (and fierce), the Smash Box comes with special edible packaging and a mallet. Your friend can use the mallet to smash open the box to reveal even more sweets and chocolate inside. To personalise the gift, you can include a hidden message or a printed photograph for your friend to find when all the ‘destroying’ is done.

Get in touch with them here.

Brewerkz x Udders Ice Cream gift box for your foodie friend


Hear us out: beer and ice cream.

This new gift set for Christmas is the embodiment of ‘naughty and nice’. The pack includes two new ice cream flavours by Udders Ice Cream – and they both contain beer, locally brewed in Singapore.

The first flavour is a smooth chocolate ice cream that contains 2.4 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV). It is made with dark Belgium chocolates and Brewerkz’s 4AM Double IPA beer.

The second ice cream is perfect for tropical fruit lovers with its passionfruit and mango mix. It combines sweet and citrus with the Circuit Breaker New England IPA beer. The alcohol content is 2.7 per cent ABV.

For $63, get a festive bundle of four cans of Brewerkz beer and two pints of Udders ice cream, all delivered in a cooler bag.

Take a look at their products here.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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