Too huat to handle: 11 cheongsams you can get from Taobao for under $18

Too huat to handle: 11 cheongsams you can get from Taobao for under $18
PHOTO: Taobao

Apart from figuring out when to deposit your money and stocking up on hotpot ingredients, one of the biggest things on many of our to-do lists is to procure new clothes for the Lunar New Year. 

Some of the ladies out there may be inclined to get themselves a gorgeous cheongsam for the occasion. However, the hefty price tags can be a little off-putting. 

But that doesn't mean you should shelve the idea entirely — there's always Chinese shopping platform Taobao to save the day. 

To get you started, we sieved out eight of our favourite cheongsams for your consideration. The best part? They're all $18 or less.

1. Dinosaur cheongsam

Right off the bat, this was one of our favourite finds.

Instead of the traditional colours and prints, this quirky piece is plastered in adorable images of dinosaurs of different shapes, sizes and colours. If you aren't a fan of the typical cheongsam and want something more fun, this is definitely a good option. 

Price: 39.80 yuan (S$8.42)

Order it here

2. Dog cheongsam

If you prefer dogs over dinosaurs, you can consider this cheongsam which is covered in adorable images of traditional fans, flowers, and of course, dogs. 

Price: 47.80 yuan

Order it here.  

3. Floral drawstring cheongsam

For those of you who are on the hunt for something a little more feminine, this floral number may do the trick. 

It also comes with a drawstring on one side so you can adjust the length to your preference, giving the whole outfit a different look.

Price: 43.80 yuan

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4. Floral frilly-sleeved cheongsam

While most cheongsams come with capped sleeves, this number features the most adorable frilly sleeves. We also love the slight flare from the mermaid skirt which is a nice change from the usual A-line structure that most cheongsams have. 

It also comes in two different colours — orange and purple — and if you're spoilt for choice, you can just get both!

Price: 39.80 yuan 

Order it here.  

5. Two-piece mesh neckline cheongsam

Instead of the usual one-piece assemble, why not go for a two-piece cheongsam set instead? 

This nude set is great for people who want a more muted vibe this Chinese New Year. It also has a mesh neckline which adds a subtle hint of sexiness to the whole fit. 

You can also mix and match the top and skirt separately with other clothes to create something new — how versatile!

Price: From 35.80 yuan to 39.80 yuan

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6. Two-piece tassel cheongsam

Here's another two-piece set which is perfect for people who want something a little more glamorous. 

The edge of the top in this assemble features rows of bejewelled strings that glimmer every time you move. 

It also comes in two colours — black and pink — and if you want to jazz things up, you can purchase both options to mix and match them together! 

Price: 57.80 yuan

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7. Heart print cheongsam

To show some love for the new year, this cheongsam would make a good option. It's covered in red heart-shaped prints and we love how it complements the pink fabric. It's both festive yet quirky at the same time! 

Price: 44.80 yuan

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8. Plaid cheongsam with tassel

If you aren't a fan of the typical floral designs that most cheongsams have, you may prefer this plaid alternative instead, which comes in three different colours — blue, yellow and green. 

Additionally, the skirt on this dress is more flared as compared to the conventional cheongsam, which makes it easier to move around in. 

We also love the tassel detail at the top of the slit!

Price: 56.99 yuan

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9. Cream midi cheongsam

If you're looking for a more classic yet conservative piece, this is a good option.

The length of this hits you around mid-shin depending on your height and the slit is not too high so you can sit down comfortably without any worries. We also love the muted shade of cream on this as well as the subtle prints! 

Price: 59.90 yuan

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10. Traditional midi cheongsam

Another longer piece that has a more traditional look is this light blue floral number. 

Similar to the previous cheongsam, this dress hits you around mid-shin depending on your height. The colour scheme on this is also gorgeous and is great for people who detest loud colours. 

Price: 45 yuan

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11. Midi cheongsam with puffy sleeves

For this midi cheongsam, the puffy sleeves give the dress a more feminine touch and is also great for girls who feel insecure about their arms. 

We also love the high slit on this which gives the otherwise conservative dress a cheeky touch. 

Price: 83 yuan

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Bonus: Couple outfits 

Here's a bonus option for all the couples out there who love to don matching outfits. 

We love the clean yet chic vibes of this ensemble. And while couple outfits tend to be rather cringeworthy, we feel that this set is one of the rarer ones that isn't. 

Price: 78 yuan for the shirt, 118 yuan for the dress

Order it here. 

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