Want something customised? These are the places to get your jewellery personalised

PHOTO: Tiffany & Co. and Thomas Sabo

Just like your clothing of choice, your accessories and jewellery pieces say a lot about you too. So make sure they showcase who you really are — and what better way to do that, than personalised jewellery?

Whether they comprise your favourite quotes, a loved one’s name, positive motifs or even your favourite pictures, these beloved memories can now be transformed into unique accessories for you to buy once, and cherish forever.

Below are some brands that offer personalised jewellery.

Want something customised? These are the places to get your jewellery personalised

1. Tiffany & Co.

PHOTO: Tiffany & Co. 

Let’s face it — every woman needs a little blue box. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet, a ring or even a necklace, Tiffany & Co’s range of engravable jewellery will leave you spoilt for choice.

Here, you’ll find accessories for men and women that are versatile, stylish and timeless. It’s perfect especially if you’re looking for a gift for that special someone in your life. You can also opt to engrave initials, symbols or even have your own custom engraving for that extra touch!

Available at: Tiffany & Co.

2. Thomas Sabo

PHOTO: Thomas Sabo

By now you’re probably no stranger to Thomas Sabo. They offer a wide array of versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery pieces that go with everything in your wardrobe — and that also includes personalised jewellery too.

Here, you’ll find a series of necklaces, pendants and bracelets in shades of gold, silver and rose gold for you to choose from. And with these pieces, you’ll also be given the option to personalise them with whatever your heart desires thanks to their engraving service that’s also free of charge with each purchase.

Whether you’re looking to give to yourself or your loved one, you’ll definitely find a thoughtful and symbolic piece that you’ll fancy.

Available at Thomas Sabo

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3. Monica Vinader

PHOTO: Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader has a whole engraved section on its website that includes rings, bracelets and pendants — all sporting the brand’s iconic chic style and minimalist approach to jewellery.

Above is the signature signet ring, available in silver, rose or yellow gold plated, that can be engraved with the option of six different font types along with 49 motifs ranging from emojis to zodiac symbols, and even zodiac animals.

Available at Monica Vinader

4. Oak & Luna

PHOTO: Oak & Luna

Prefer something sleek and chic? Consider Oak & Luna’s Mon Petit Name Necklace.

Available in different finishes ranging from sterling silver to 18k gold plating, as well as 18k rose gold plating, vermeil gold plated, and 14k gold, these necklaces is a great personalised gift for your friends or even for yourself.

Here, you can write up to 9 characters and customise the length of your chain accordingly. Wear it on its own or accessorise it by layering it on.

Available at Oak & Luna

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5. Pandora

PHOTO: Pandora

Fans of personalised jewellery and charms will love what Pandora has in stores for them. Renowned for its treasure trove of jewellery offerings, the brand also offers charm bracelets where you can add your own letter charms to personalise your look with.

To top it all off, you can also add other additional charms including their limited edition seasonal specials.

Available at Pandora

6. Niessing

PHOTO: Niessing

Could you get any more personal, than a tattoo? An art form etched into your skin forever — that’s something entirely unique and meaningful to every individual. Which is exactly why Niessing’s new Now collection has the same namesake.

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Now Tattoo is a new and completely personalised jewellery service offered by the German experts in fine jewellery craftsmanship.

First, you choose whether you desire a pendant, ring or bracelet.

You then pick the size of your product — such as the bracelet in S-XL in thickness — before picking a colour metal from Niessing’s expansive selection that includes rose, lime and lava.

You can even pick the finish, such as glossy, matte or textured.

Then comes the fun bit. Niessing has various stock ‘tattoo’ designs that you can choose for your product or you can have a play with their monogram script section if you fancy some text on your piece.

You can upload your own design too! When we say own design, this can be anything from a handwritten word to a doodle, a drawing or even a picture — heck, you could upload a photo of your pet and it will be immortalised into your chosen Niessing jewellery.

Finally, you can view your product in a crafted 360 degrees image online, to be 110 per cent sure it’s exactly what you want, prior to confirming order.

Available at Niessing

7. The Mindful Company

PHOTO: The Mindful Company

With an emphasis on quality and considered design, The Mindful Company has this to say about their offerings: “We start with you, rather than what’s trending. We are focused on designing and making jewellery that will be a meaningful addition to your everyday life.”

How lovely. A registered Social Enterprise with raiSE Singapore, this company supports organisations on mental health and wellbeing, creating modern jewellery that is both mindful and has you in mind to promote a balanced and more positive lifestyle for everyone.

To help personalise your own mindful piece, there is an engravable section that features three different types of rings and 12 bracelets, all ready and waiting for your unique twist.

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Take a ring for example: You can pick from rose, yellow gold or silver, as well as your ring size, before entering your engraved word(s). You have up to 20 characters to fit in and can opt for Romans or Script for the style of writing for an additional $10 on top of the ring price.

An additional touch? Each piece from the engravable section comes with a pre-engraved hidden heart motif — a reminder that every great thing starts with what’s true and important to you.

Available at The Mindful Company

8. Mien Label

PHOTO: Mien Label

If you’re after a huge selection of different jewellery pieces to choose from, Mien Label is your go-to brand. As you scroll down their ‘personalised’ section, it feels like the list is endless, with many items labelled as sold out, depicting the brand’s popularity.

What is great about these pieces is that they’re a fun, middle ground between the traditional personalised style fine jewellery, like this tassel necklace (pictured below), for example.

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This one comes in rainbow colour tassels (there are many many different colours to choose from) and you can completely customise it.

First choose your metal — rose / yellow gold or silver, and then your chain length (16, 18 or 20 inches).

You then pick whether you want laser printing or hand stamping as the method of personalising your piece before choosing from five different font types and three different text finishes.

With most items sitting just below the $50 mark, you’re spoilt for choice here when it comes to something stylish and affordable.

What’s more, it’s a Singapore brand so you’ll be supporting local with your choice. Allow two to five days for your piece to be created before being packed and shipped.

Available at Mien Label

9. Made Different Co

PHOTO: Made Different Co

Based in Singapore and made here as well, Made Different offers a selection of dainty jewellery that can be given a personal touch.

Head to the personalisation tab, where you can take your pick from solid bangles and cuffs, chain and bar bracelets, tag pendants and necklaces and rings, among many other pretty pieces.

The length of the word you can incorporate varies depending on the type of jewellery you choose — some pieces can only fit an initial, while others can take up to 15 characters. You can choose from four types of fonts, select the jewellery material and add special requests, such as heart shape symbols.

If it’s a gift, you can go one step further and order the most beautifully decorated gift packaging that contains real blooms provided by Meadows & Clouds. Better yet, you can choose from a variety of flowers to suit your chosen gift.

Available at Made Different Co

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10. Gifts Less Ordinary 

PHOTO: Gifts Less Ordinary

Gifts Less Ordinary is an online shopping site that hosts many different personalised pieces from different brands beyond Singapore. Most offer free shipping too, so you don’t need to worry about a hefty delivery charge.

You can go for something ornamental, such as the north star necklace (pictured) from Under The Rosewhich can be ordered in silver or yellow gold and can hold up to 10 characters engraved on the flat back.

Or if you prefer a little colour, there is a fabric liberty bracelet from Merci Maman that comes with a charm. This bracelet offers a whole host of options, namely choice of metal, six different ribbon patterns and five different charm shape.

You can get both sides of the charm engraved with up to 30 characters too, making this a really unique piece to treat yourself or your loved ones.

Available at Gifts Less Ordinary

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