'Your rich is really next level': Naomi Neo picks up new ride at McLaren showroom

'Your rich is really next level': Naomi Neo picks up new ride at McLaren showroom
PHOTO: Screengrabs/Instagram/Naomineo_

Lambo or Merc? Have your pick. 

To most, living such a baller life is only attainable in a video game. But for influencer Naomi Neo, this is her reality. 

The 27-year-old car enthusiast already owns a Lamborghini Huracan and a Mercedes, and recently welcomed a new addition to her family of luxury cars — the McLaren 720S.

On Monday (April 17), Naomi uploaded a short clip on Instagram of her and the family picking up their new ride from the McLaren showroom in Redhill. 


Naomi warmly greeted McLaren staff upon entering the showroom, and there was a clear sense of excitement in her voice.

She's a massive McLaren fan and had the opportunity of a lifetime when she drove a lap around the Sepang racing circuit in Kuala Lumpur in a McLaren supercar in February.

This time around, she'd be rolling down the streets of Singapore in a 720S, which is sporting McLaren's signature orange colour by the way.

Orange just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a McLaren. Much like how Ferrari is associated with that specific shade of red.

At the showroom, once all the paperwork was done, Naomi received the keys swanky ride and it was time to head home.

Of course, not before getting that glamour shot of her entering the driver's seat and shutting the eye-catching butterfly door.

Girl boss move.

In an Instagram Story, Naomi jested: "Amazing drive but such a waste in Singapore. Cannot reach full potential."

It seems that she did not purchase the supercar, as she mentioned this was her new ride only "for the next few days".

Not that it mattered to the netizens in the comments section.

Many were simply astonished that she could afford to get behind the steering wheels of yet another supercar.

"Your rich is really next level. Hard work pays," one user commented.

Dream house, dream car(s)

Another dumbstruck netizen asked: "How on earth [does] a young girl at your age manage to afford all these?"

This netizen must've missed Naomi's tour of her brand-new home. She's got the dough, no question about it with a private home theatre room complete with luxe starlight ceiling among her house's highlights. 

In 2020, Naomi bought her dream car, the Lamborghini Huracan, for $600,000.

The McLaren 720S, however, is a tad more expensive.

Launched in 2017 as a replacement for the 650S, it was priced at $990,000 (before COE and options).

Thinking maybe a pre-owned McLaren might get you a discount? 

Registered in July 2021, this 710 bhp vehicle from local premium dealership Cars and Coffee would still set you back $998,000

Looks like it's back to Grand Turismo gaming and lots of manifestation exercises for the rest of us then. 

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