Aloysius Pang's remains collected, ashes buried at sea

[Updated Jan 28, 2.50 pm]

Aloysius Pang is "liberated now", says his parents.

The actor's remains have been laid to rest at sea after being cremated, according to posts on manager Dasmond Koh and his artiste management agency's Instagram platforms about an hour ago.

Written in Chinese on his personal account and then in English on NoonTalk Media's Instagram account, the post read: "We sailed across the calm waters on this cloudy afternoon. At a spot near Pulau Ubin, we saw you descend slowly into the sea. This is the final farewell."

A sea burial was apparently what the "easy-going" Aloysius would have wanted. Wrote Dasmond: "You wouldn’t want to trouble anyone. It’s so you."

He ended the post by saying: "As you begin your free-spirited adventure, remember to wait for me."

Aloysius' girlfriend, actress Jayley Woo may also have been present ceremony, as she posted a photo of the jetty at Pulau Ubin on her Instagram Stories, with the caption: "So near yet so far."

Photo: Instagram/Jiaqiwoo

Earlier this morning, Aloysius' ashes were collected from Mandai Crematorium by his eldest brother.

Grim-faced and wearing a pink T-shirt and flip-flops, Jefferson Pang was seen entering the complex at about 9.30am this morning, Lianhe Zaobao reported. It's not clear if he was accompanied by other family members.

Jefferson Pang exiting the Mandai Crematorium complex on Monday (Jan 28) bearing the ashes of his youngest brother Aloysius Pang. Photo: Lianhe Zaobao

He exited the building half an hour later bearing an urn wrapped in red cloth.

Hundreds of friends and fans of the actor had turned up at MacPherson Lane on Sunday (Jan 27) for the 28-year-old's final send-off.

The cortege of Aloysius Pang departing for Mandai CrematoriumPhoto: The Straits Times
Actress Jayley Woo, Mr Pang's girlfriend, placing her hand on veteran actor Chen Shucheng's shoulder as they walk behind the hearse with other friends and relatives.Photo: The Straits Times
A young fan collapsed during the memorial service in MacPherson Lane. Photo: The Straits Times

A three-day wake, which began on Friday, and a public memorial service yesterday were held at 82A MacPherson Lane. 

More than 10 eulogies were delivered by his colleagues, friends and relatives. 

Hundreds turn up at actor Aloysius Pang's wake

  • Actress Kym Ng delivering her eulogy during the wake in MacPherson on Sunday (Jan 27).
  • Aloysius Pang's eldest brother, Jefferson, delivering his eulogy during the wake in MacPherson on Sunday (Jan 27).
  • The crowd waiting outside as a private ceremony went on during Mr Pang's wake in MacPherson, on Sunday (Jan 27).
  • Many fans who turned up to pay their respects on Sunday (Jan 27) spoke about a connection to the late actor.
  • Members of Mr Pang's family outside the wake in MacPherson on Sunday (Jan 27).
  • Aloysius Pang's parents (mother in white top; father in grey T-shirt) were visibly distraught as they arrived at around 11.30am on Sunday (Jan 27) with family members in tow.
  • Aloysius Pang's mother (in white top) at the wake in MacPherson on Sunday (Jan 27).
  • Yang Libing and Zong Zijie at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • (From right) Dennis Chew, Chew Chor Meng and wife Deon Tan arrive at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • Actors Xu Bin (right) and Ian Fang at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • Actor Ian Fang consoles Jaylee Woo who is the girlfriend of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • (From right) Felicia Chin, Jeffrey Xu and Chin’s mother at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • Well-wishers queuing to pay respects at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang on Saturday night.
  • Actress Sheila Sim arrives at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • A wreath from Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information, and Culture, Community and Youth Sim Ann.
  • A wreath from Fly Entertainment's Irene Ang and her staff.
  • Actor Richard Low
  • Huang Biren (third from left) pays her respects at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • Fans and friends, local politicians and members of the public began streaming in to the wake of late actor Aloysius Pang held at 82A MacPherson Lane on Saturday.
  • Actress Zoe Tay at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • A visibly emotional Zoe teared up at the memorial.
  • Actor Shane Pow bid goodbye to his 'Dai Lo' (big brother)
  • Actor Elvin Ng comforting Jayley.
  • Aloysius' manager and NoonTalk Media founder, Dasmond Koh.
  • Hundreds queued to pay their last respects to the actor
  • Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.
  • Actress Jayley Woo arriving at the wake.
  • Christopher Lee and Fann Wong at the wake.
  • Woo wore a pair of big sunglasses and was hugged and comforted by several people around her.
  • Actors Chen Shucheng and Rayson Tan.
  • Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong at the wake of the late Aloysius Pang.
  • Former MP Zainul Abidin
  • A wreath from actors Christopher Lee and Fann Wong
  • MP Tin Pei Ling at the wake
  • Hundreds had turned up last night when Aloysius' casket first arrived at the venue.
  • Members of the late Aloysius Pang's fan club, Pangsters, tear up at the wake.
  • Actor Nat Ho also paid his respects.
  • Hundreds of people turned up at home-grown actor Aloysius Pang's wake on Friday night (Jan 25).
  • Members of the public and fans started streaming in to stand outside the barricaded multi-purpose area in MacPherson Lane while the wake was being set up.
  • NoonTalk Media boss Dasmond Koh, who's also Aloysius' manager spotted amid preparation work for the funeral.
  • Some onlookers started tearing when the hearse carrying the body arrived at 9.20pm.
  • His close actor friend Xu Bin, 29, and television host Quan Yifong, 44, sobbed uncontrollably.
  • The public was then asked to clear the area so that the late actor's family and friends could pay their respects in private.
  • The public may their respects from 12pm Saturday to 12pm Sunday.
  • An emcee said that members of the public who wished to say their personal goodbyes could come and do so from noon on Saturday.
  • Aloysius' body was flown into Paya Lebar Air Base on a Republic of Singapore Air Force KC-135R tanker aircraft on Friday evening.
  • CFC (NS) Pang was accorded a homecoming ceremony with Chief of Army Goh Si Hou in attendance, a guard of honour and fellow soldiers of the Artillery Formation.
  • The ceremony was witnessed by the late actor's family, said Mindef in a statement.
  • At the air base, Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen, accompanied by Chief of Defence Force Melvyn Ong, met a family member to offer Mindef and the SAF's condolences.

Aloysius was accorded a military funeral at Mandai, where about 300 Singapore Armed Forces servicemen saluted their fallen comrade.

Pallbearers from the Singapore Armed Forces carrying the casket of Corporal First Class (NS) Aloysius Pang into Mandai Crematorium yesterday. The 28-year-old actor was accorded a military funeral service.Photo: The Straits Times

After the cremation, his mother had to be  held up by family members as she was sobbing so hard she could barely stand, The Straits Times reported.

The actor suffered serious injuries during an overseas military exercise in New Zealand on Jan 19, when a gun barrel of the Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer he was repairing was lowered. He underwent three surgeries over the next few days and died on Jan 23 after his condition deteriorated.

Aloysius' death is the fifth reported since September 2017, and Mindef has said it will set up an independent Committee of Inquiry to look into the circumstances leading to his death.