'Are you a loving father?' Man allows children to scribble all over his white Mazda

'Are you a loving father?' Man allows children to scribble all over his white Mazda
Adventurefinds's 'limited edition' Mazda 3 sedan.
PHOTO: TikTok/Adventurefinds

Buying a car in Singapore ain't cheap. Especially with that elusive piece of paper called a COE going for a minimum of $74,989 these days.

And upwards of $100,000 if you desire a more powerful car.

So you'd expect a car owner to be tetchy should their vehicle not look its best.

However, TikTok user Adventurefinds has a rather different perspective. 

When his kids needed somewhere to express themselves artistically, Adventurefinds did what some car enthusiasts might deem sacrilegious — by presumably offering his once shiny white Mazda 3 sedan as a blank canvas.

And it seems his children did have a field day or two drawing on the car and on Monday (June 27), Adventurefinds shared a 20-second clip of their scribbles on TikTok. 


No area of the car was spared as colourful sketches of rainbows, windmills and mahjong symbols could be seen all over the Mazda. 

Well, at least Adventurefinds can claim that he owns a limited edition Mazda 3 that's sure to be a head-turner when out in the streets.

While some doodles seemed rather willy-nilly, others caught the attention of netizens given their rather complex nature. 

"You telling me you kid can draw the Chinese characters of [80,000] so nicely?" one netizen asked.

A different TikTok user replied that it was probably drawn by the parents and that this was part of their family bonding time.

At the other end of the spectrum were those TikTok users who simply couldn't see the need to 'vandalise' a family car.

"This is not an act of a loving father but a father with no discipline," one said.

In November 2021, a man had a similar experience when his children got their markers and pens out to scribble all over his white Audi.

Likewise, netizens loved how the car turned out aesthetically. For the parents' sake, let's just hope they feel the same way too.

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