Daily roundup: Guy's friends made a presentation to persuade his parents to let him join them on Phuket trip — and other top stories today

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Fattysalm0n

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. 'A' for effort: This guy's friends want him to join them on Phuket trip so much, they made a presentation to persuade his parents

If this was a graded presentation for school, these friends would have definitely clinched that distinction... » READ MORE

2. 3 years in the making: Naomi Neo shares update on long-awaited house with swimming pool

Naomi Neo brought her four-year-old son Kyzo and her TikTok audience along for a tour of her family's new house.
TikTok/Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo gave her followers a sneak peak at her new house and we are envious... » READ MORE

3. Pay to win? Diablo Immortal player spends $138k but gets 'locked out'

Twitch streamer JT spent $138k on Diablo Immortal but is 'locked out' of PvP.
Twitter, Screengrab from YouTube

It's been said that it gets lonely at the top, but not if you have money to do something about it... » READ MORE

4. Residents raise a stink over stinky tofu at Hougang night bazaar, organiser says he 'can't please everyone'

Man Kou Xiang, a stinky tofu stall at the Hougang night bazaar, has received some complaints from residents about the smell wafting into their homes.
AsiaOne/Claudia Tan

Seeing a night bazaar pop up in the neighbourhood might be a pleasant surprise, but not for some residents in Hougang who were on the receiving end of a rather distinctive smell from one stall... » READ MORE