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Delivery rider complains about $2 tip on rainy day, others tell him 'nobody owes you a living'

Delivery rider complains about $2 tip on rainy day, others tell him 'nobody owes you a living'
PHOTO: Facebook/Gary Liew 

The life of a delivery rider isn't easy, so it's understandable that one Grab rider wasn't in the best of mood after getting caught in a heavy downpour on Nov 16. 

What made him even more miffed was that few seem to appreciate his hard work. 

Hoping to get this off his chest, Gary Liew took to Facebook on Nov 17 to lament about his miserable experience

That day, it had rained from 4pm to 12am, and his shirt, helmet and pants were apparently soaked due to the rain. 

Liew complained that despite the poor weather, Grab did not provide incentives for riders like him then.

Additionally, he said that despite his efforts that day, he only got a $2 tip from a girl who lives in a HDB flat at Circuit Road. 

"Whole day only this Malay young girl from HDB at Circuit Road [gave] me $2 tips," he posted.

He also expressed his frustration at some of his customers living in condos and landed properties at Joo Chiat and Geylang who simply told him "thank you", "safe ride under [the] rain" and "must be tough for you [to] ride under [the] rain" in that post. 

"Disgusting," he remarked pointedly. 

However, other riders and netizens called him out for being "entitled", with one saying that "nobody owes you a living". 

Others also said that "tipping is not an obligation" and that if one receives it, it's a bonus.

One rider chimed in, saying that he didn't understand the point that Liew was driving at and reminded him that customers "don't owe [him] anything" as they had already paid for the delivery fee. 

Others however sympathised with Liew, with one telling him that his safety is of upmost priority. 

Last year, a woman, Petrina Ng, took to Facebook to talk about her encounter with a food delivery rider who was also caught in the rain over at Balestier.

She had snapped a photo of him in the rain and noted that he had "sighed" and "shook his head in resignation" before riding off. 

"It's true that they are paid, but it's not an easy job and it's certainly not a lot of money… at times, it's dangerous even… as the young man rode away, I felt worried for him," she said, urging others be kinder to delivery riders. 

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