GE2020: Tan Chuan-Jin cheers for Manchester United, responds to comments in impromptu livestream with netizens

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram via chuanjin1

Instead of an online rally, PAP's Marine Parade anchor minister Tan Chuan-Jin sat down last night for an impromptu live stream session.

And impromptu it was. Despite being more social-media-savvy than most of his peers (he is the 'tweeter of parliament' after all) it was still his first time trying out a Facebook and Instagram live.

He wasn't quite able to figure out how to switch off his camera's mirror mode (he still hasn't, as of this morning), had to squint at another screen to read the comments, and part way through his stream, found himself interrupted by the sound of his own boiler.

Still, none of those bothered Tan's audience, all of whom had tuned in despite the late hour.

Beyond a simple wrap up on the day's happenings, he also shared about how he bought out an entire shop's doughnuts because "it was calling out to [him]" and how he had actually left his NRIC behind while on the way to the nomination centre.

Here are the highlights from his segment whereĀ he read out the comments (below, in bold) and gave his responses.

"Will you say 'Go go Man United' to potential voters?"

"If that's gonna get me then 'Go go Man United!'"

"I want to change MP"

"I hope you don't meanā€¦ me? Being changed? But you hope I go there?"

"Future great leader"

"So that means present not great leader, alright."

"Why is [the stream] so laggy?"

"Maybe the problem is on your side, check your Wi-Fi man."

"You speak well, is that why you're the speaker [of parliament]?"

[Off-screen laughter]

"You know, speaker cannot speak one [sic], so it's an ironic thing, but what to do."

Viewers who want to see more of Tan's lives can head on over to his Instagram and Facebook, where he's planned for more to come over the next few days.