Good Samaritans lift overturned car outside Parliament House to rescue accident victims

PHOTO: Social media

A traffic accident involving a blue Honda and a black BMW caused the former to overturn outside Parliament House, leaving five people injured.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force told AsiaOne that they were alerted to a road traffic accident at the junction of North Bridge Road and Parliament Place on Sunday (Nov 14) at about 8.20am.

In an almost two-minute-long video seen circulating on social media, the Honda is seen running a red light before colliding with the BMW and toppling over.

The driver of the dashcam as well as other passers-by immediately head towards the crash site to help the injured victims.

More than a dozen good Samaritans were photographed lifting the flipped car and helping the injured victims. Photographs of the incident have been making their rounds on social media.

The police told AsiaOne: "The two male car drivers, aged 51 and 59, and three car passengers aged between 28 and 61, were conveyed conscious to the hospital."

Police investigations are ongoing.

On Oct 18, a similar incident took place when a silver car had been rammed into and knocked onto its side. A group of motorists and passers-by helped flip the car back upright, rescuing the elderly passengers who were trapped inside.

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