Kukubird, the fashion brand, rides on Singapore interest by offering 'special'

We wish we could spare you the slang generally considered crude in Singapore, but the saga seems to have wings.

Kukubird, the fashion brand from the UK that shares an unfortunate name with our local slang for penis, is now penetrating the Singapore market by offering a "special rate" to customers here.

This comes after the internet spotted Kukubird's existence half the world away recently.

We are guessing the inspiration behind the Manchester-based studio's name has nothing to do with the male reproductive organ.

PHOTO: Screengrab/kukubird.co.uk

Kukubird told AsiaOne the promotion is delivery rates "as low as £5 (S$8.40) per shipment".

When asked why a British label is suddenly holding a Singapore promotion, they replied, "We at Kukubird have received so much love and support from Singapore recently, so we have decided to give a special rate to our Singaporean customers in order to return the love!"

But perhaps it has to do with reports linking Kukubird the brand with "kukubird" the slang.

The word made the headlines after undergraduates were filmed chanting to it at a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) freshman orientation camp.

That once again shone the spotlight on the nature of orientation activities at tertiary institutions.

NTU's deputy associate provost for student life, Associate Professor Victor Yeo, said the university was investigating the incident.

"Looking at the video, the cheer is not in line with the standards set at NTU, as it runs contrary to the values of safety, respect, and inclusiveness which are emphasised in the university's Transition and Orientation Programme.

"Any student found to be responsible for allowing, condoning, arranging or participating in such cheers will be counselled and also face disciplinary action," Prof Yeo added.

The association between "kukubird" and NTU then made it to Google's search engine, AsiaOne reported yesterday (Aug 21).

At one point, searching "kukubird kukubird" brought up NTU as the top result, although it does not seem to be the case anymore.

For now, hang loose and check out some of Kukubird's signature leggings, in case you want to make use of their "special".