This made my day: 2 girls deliver comfort food to cheer hospital staff on

PHOTO: Facebook/tong.yee.79

Amidst depressing reports of grocery hoarding and discrimination against healthcare workers, one Singapore dad and his two young daughters are showcasing that kindness still exists.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Tong Yee, 45, shared how his two daughters orchestrated a mission on Feb 8 to deliver food to the healthcare workers working tirelessly to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

Tong, a social entrepreneur, had been looking forward to a quiet weekend.

He had spent the whole of last week handling "all sorts of problems" caused by the virus outbreak, including helping Singaporeans stranded overseas and offering advice to those who were fearful.

"Frankly I didn't feel like doing anything," Tong wrote. "Somewhere deep in my mind I found myself saying 'I've played my part and done enough, this time let others step up.'"

But daughters Rui'en, 10, and Ruirui, 6, had other ideas.

The pair woke Tong up at 6.40am that morning, asking if they could do something for those working in the hospitals.

Ever the dutiful dad, Tong obliged. He brought the girls to Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre where they bought bags of comfort food: curry puffs, chee cheong fun, nasi lemak and the like.

This whole week has been emotionally tiring for many of us. We spent the week handling all sorts of problems emerging...

Posted by Tong Yee on Friday, February 7, 2020

Aside from some food contributed by two friends of Tong's who happened to be at the market, Rui'en and Ruirui paid for everything with their own pocket money, he told TODAY.

The girls also added a personal touch, scribbling heartwarming messages of encouragement on the boxes of food.

The breakfast delivery was well-received by the hospital staff, said Tong.

"I think the gesture — that you are remembered and you are seen — was something that came as a surprise to them."

In a comment, Tong added that he was not sharing the story simply to "become another Netflix show" but to remind others to "speak up against xenophobia and malignant intent, look out for businesses and institutions, and act in the interest of each other".

He also spoke out against demonising hoarders, saying: "When in crisis, and we witness a sizeable part of our population focus on taking care of themselves.

"That is not a revealing of uncivil behaviour. It is a revelation that this is the way that many of them have had to live."

On the bright side, the Tong family aren't the only ones trying to spread kindness and good cheer.

Singapore Civil Defence Force took to its Facebook page yesterday (Feb 9) to thank the anonymous good Samaritans who had been handing out cartons of Milo and uplifting notes to its paramedics and staff.

A huge THANK YOU🙏 to everyone for your strong support and words of encouragement given to SCDF paramedics and staff....

Posted by Singapore Civil Defence Force on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Facebook group PARK $2 Project (P2P) also raised $10,000 in one day to benefit needy families who may be unable to get their hands on essential groceries thanks to the recent shopping frenzy that saw supermarket shelves emptied.

Thanks to P2P, 202 needy families received goodie bags which included staples such as cooking oil, rice and, yes, toilet paper. 

For those who are inspired to do their part, StandUpFor.SG, another Facebook community, is on a mission to show healthcare workers some love this Valentine's Day.

Anyone who wishes to show appreciation for healthcare workers in the frontline can post their notes on social media and tag #braveheartsg.

Hello Stand Up People of Singapore! We want to let the brave brave healthcare workers know we have their backs. Here...

Posted by StandUpFor.SG on Sunday, February 9, 2020

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